Greetings everyone,it is I Kejraj!


大家好,我是 Kejraj


Today I wish to share a simple guided meditation or I should say a few steps of the meditation process that I will be doing on the 6/20/2020 Summer Solstice and 6/21/2020.If you find that these steps or techniques resonate with you,please follow.If not,you may create your own way,as long as you meditate on 6/20/2020 and 6/21/2020 at 11AM EST and 4:44PM EST on those two days,or at times of your choosing.


今天我想分享一个简单的指导性冥想,或者我应该说一些我将在 2020 6 20 日和 2020 6 21 日进行的冥想过程的步骤。如果你发现这些步骤或技巧与你产生共鸣,请遵循。如果没有,你可以创造你自己的方式,只要你在 2020 6 20 日和 2020 6 21 日在东部时间上午 11 点和东部时间下午 4 44 分冥想,或者在你选择的时间冥想。


1.If possible,go out in nature,to a park,take a 15 minute walk and just enjoy the experience.


1. 如果可能的话,去大自然,去公园,散步 15 分钟,享受这种体验。


2.Find a quiet spot,where you won't be bothered by anyone,perhaps in the woods.Sit down whatever position you are most comfortable;relax for about 5 minutes.


2. 找一个安静的地方,在那里你不会被任何人打扰,也许在树林里。坐在你最舒服的位置,放松大约 5 分钟。


3.Close your eyes;take a few breaths,say;In this moment of the now I call upon Creator,the Elohim of the Great Central Sun,the Archangels,the Ascended Masters and all benevolent Souls who wish to join me in this meditation and amplify these energies;begin taking deep breaths;inhale through your nose,exhale through your mouth,slowly…


3. 闭上你的眼睛,深呼吸,说 : 在这个时刻,我呼唤造物主,大中央太阳的 Elohim ,大天使,扬升大师和所有仁慈的灵魂,他们希望加入我这个冥想并放大这些能量,开始深呼吸,通过你的鼻子吸气,通过你的嘴呼气,慢慢地 .....


4.Continue with the breathing;After each exhale,say each line of the Soul Invocation;


4. 继续呼吸 ; 每次呼气之后,说出灵魂召唤的每一行 ;


I Am The Soul




I Am Divine Light




I Am Divine Love




I Am Divine Will




I Am Divine Design




5.Relax;As you breath gently,say;From the deepest essence of my being I send light and love to all of Mother Earth;May this lightlove bring freedom,healing,peace,and joy to all of the Kingdom's of Mother Earth.Begin now to visualize this lightlove from your heart flowing into the world;See this lightlove reach the Water Kingdom(seas,rivers,oceans),see the waters calm,shining and sparkling with purity.The Plant Kingdom,all thriving,blossoming,growing and expanding all over.The Animal Kingdom;see the animals free and happily moving around.And finally,see this light reach all of humanity;see all humans dancing hand in hand across Mother Earth's body,smiling,laughing,full of joy;Hold these images for a few minutes;Now see a sphere of the brightest light covering all of Mother Earth;Hold this image for a few minutes,say;All is Light,All is Love,All is Well;So it is.


5. 放松 ; 当你轻轻地呼吸时,说 : 从我存在的最深处,我将光和爱送给地球母亲的所有地方 ; 愿这光之爱给地球母亲的所有王国带来自由、疗愈、和平和喜悦。现在就开始观想这光之爱从你的心流向世界 ; 看到这光之爱到达水之王国 ( 海洋,河流,海洋 ) ,看到水的平静,闪耀纯洁。植物王国,所有蓬勃发展,开花,生长和扩展到各地。动物王国 ; 看到动物们自由而快乐地四处活动。最后,请看到这道光照射到全人类 ; 看到全人类在地球母亲的身体上手牵手跳舞,微笑,欢笑,充满喜悦 ; 保持这些图像几分钟 ; 现在看到一个最明亮的光球覆盖了整个地球母亲 ; 保持这个图像几分钟,比如说 ; 一切都是光,一切都是爱,一切都很好 ; 就是这样。


Relax;Gently open your eyes.If you wish,you may sit there for a little while and just BE,one with all.


放松 ; 轻轻地睁开你的眼睛。如果你愿意的话,你可以在那里坐一会儿,只是与一切合而为一。


From heart to heart,I am Kejraj!


从心底里,我是 Kejraj



資料來源: https://www.pfcchina.org/xinrenyuedu/40207.html



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