Sitting with yourself and feeling deep into who you really are at your core can be a scary proposition for many of you. This is why people will distract themselves with lives that are so busy there is simply no opportunity for that discovery. That is also exactly why so many of you have been forced to slow down recently.




Many of you are afraid to look at your truth because you are scared that what you find will not be good enough. The roots of this come from disempowering belief systems that say you are born a sinner, or to be human is somehow to be deeply flawed.




Others of you are afraid of discovering your own divine spark, not wanting to assume the presumed responsibility that comes from accepting your truth and assuming your authentic power.



Some of you are afraid to look because you are scared to lose the identity you have carefully crafted your entire lifetime. You think what is underneath your persona will not be as good as the front you have put together in order to be accepted.




Dear Ones, what we wish for you to know is that you are all in the process of coming Home to yourselves. The next phase of your incarnation is about stepping forth as your authentic selves, to lead through your beingness, your caring hearts, and your innate wisdom.




What you will find under it all is your true, divine essence, the part of you that knows yourself as a beloved, individuated aspect of Source. This is what will drive the shift both individually and collectively, discovering and accepting the truth of who you truly are and allowing it to shine brightly in the creation of the new. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young





翻译:Nick Chan






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