If you have ever had a sliver in your finger that you could not get outyou know that if you leave it beyour body will push it to the surface so it can be removed once and for all.You would not see it there and shriek,「Acka sliver! I don't want to see that!"and push it back downwould you? Nor would you worriedly check your entire body for slivers every day.You would simply accept that your body knew exactly what it was doingyou would give it whatever support it needed when the sliver was ready to be expelledand you would carry on.




It is the same with your old wounds and emotions that no longer serve you.Your body knows exactly what it is doingand will push anything that doesn't belong up into your awareness so you can release it.You might need to stop and give yourself a little extra tender care when it is time for the releasebut other than that you can count on the fact that it is an incredibly intelligent and efficient systemalways designed for your wellness and evolution.




So trustDear Ones.Allow what is no longer comfortable in your body to leave with relief.Know that you have everything you need and you are being guided and supported in all waysas you continue to energetically refine and evolve.~Archangel Gabriel





翻译:Nick Chan






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