新纪元扬升之光 2018-06-07


Message fromthe Pleiadians via Galaxygirl, June 6th, 2018




Pleiadian Collective 6/6/18

Greetings friends! We arethe Pleiadian Collective here ever in service to humanity’s ascension, bringingyou news. The threshold that you have been longing for for vibrationalfrequencies has been reached allowing yet more of our light and assistance intoyour realm.



Keep the high vibes upfriends for it is working! We see you as surfers riding the biggest wave ofyour career, and you have had many varied careers over your many lifetimes.Soon you will see us just as we see you now, in the flesh, in form, just as wesee you, friends. Much change is foot and the dark ones are running scared, forscared is all that they know and all that they have left to go on. It’s quitesad really that they should be missing out on the biggest ascension that hasyet occurred. But we all have choices to make. And certainly you are allchoosing excitement and ascension and love and it warms our hearts as we gaze withintense love upon all of you.



You will see your third eyeopening more and more. You may have some frontal headaches just as this one isnow experiencing as we download, always with permission. So please give us yourpermission to download our light and wisdom and to happily upgrade you so thatyou can withstand the coming love wave that will carry and soothe away everytear and ascend you into the – quite literally – higher vibrations of life andlight that you previously referred to as heaven from your 3d perspective.



Where do loved ones go whenthey die? Many places, but mostly higher realms, higher dimensions of light andlove for most of you reading these words, and other realms where furtherlearning is required so that cause and effect and karma may be fullyexperienced. What goes around comes around, that’s all that karma is, it isnothing to be feared, it is simply a tool of reference and of understanding, agrand teacher if you will. For if we are all one, and we are, when you showlove to others you show it to yourself, which is how this universe of causalityresponds to love, to action, for every action has a reaction. And we see you,human friends, reacting to these intense energies with profound love andopenness which makes your heart centers spin a bit more widely to allow a bitmore light.



Would you like us to assistyou further? Please ask. We are eager to assist for we are so excited and proudof our ground team that has done an outstanding job and you have proved yourmettle. Now is the time to shine brightly, brighter than ever before and tolove and laugh more brightly than ever before and to show mercy and love tothose who need it. And who doesn’t? We all love love! It is who we are! It isour nature! We Pleiadian Collective had had our fair share of darkness andtribulations. We have had numerous what you have called holocausts and we havelearned and learned and experienced and we would be most honored if you wouldbut allow us to assist you with your own remembering and re-awakening. For itis our pleasure to do so.



We love you. We are thePleiadian Collective, always in service and we behold you with utmost respectand love. We are you. We are one.



~ galaxygirl




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