Dear Ground Crew:




Here’s the latest message from Apollo on June 4, 2018: “We are wiping the slate clean so that someday you will have peace in your hearts and live in harmony and joy. We are working to eliminate the harshness and hazards of what you have lived through on the earth. The earth is a most loving being and deserves this too. You are graduating full scale from earth’s third dimensional life. Thanks to you, our Ground Crew, you have made it possible for the ascension process. We understand your impatience, yet please recognize that you are immersed in becoming your new selves on your new earth. We applaud you, and all who are working diligently to rid the earth of the darkness. You will shine like the ones who are with you now.”


这是阿波罗 2018 6 4 日的信息:“我们在把盘子擦干净(又译勾销往事),这样有一天你的心中会有祥和并生活于和谐与喜悦之中。我们在致力于清除你在地球上经受的艰苦和危害。地球是极其有爱的存在,也值得被这么对待。你正圆满地从地球的三维生活中毕业。多亏了你,我们的地面人员,你让扬升进程成为了可能。我们理解你的不耐烦,但请认识到你正沉浸于成为新地球上的新的你。我们称赞你,所有勤奋地摆脱黑暗地球的人。你会像那些正和你在一起的存在那样闪耀”


Every day I speak with Apollo. This morning he seemed excited about the progress they are making with getting the dark ones off the planet. I got the feeling that something big is about to happen. He also told me that the light is enveloping the dark. The dark ones are actually serving the light by strengthening the light. Apollo also told me that it is almost comedic what the dark ones are doing. He says they are desperate to stay in power so they are in a lot of fear.


每一天我都和阿波罗说话。今天早上他看起来对铲除黑暗存有所取得的进展很是兴奋。我有种感觉,有什么大的事情要发生。他还告诉我光已经包围黑暗。黑暗存有其实在通过强化光来服务光。阿波罗还告诉我,黑暗存有的所作所为简直就是一个喜剧。他说他们绝望地想要掌握 力,所以他们处于大量的恐惧中


The earth changes are accelerating. Mother Earth has to cleanse herself. The volcanoes are erupting and the whole ring of fire is becoming more active. The earth is showing us how powerful she is and we had better pay attention. Change is here. We need to learn to go with the flow, especially if it is molten lava.




In the San Francisco Bay Area, we are having unusual winds that have lasted for weeks. A friend of mine from Russia told me they are having similar winds too. Change is in the wind. These are the winds of change.




There will be more water events, and earthquakes. The Master Djwal Khul mentioned recently that there will be more coastal areas. We have also had unseasonable weather. It feels like we are about six to eight weeks behind our normal patterns. Is that true for where you live?


会有更多的水事件,以及地震。 Djwal Khul 大师最近提到沿海地区会有更多。我们也会有不合季节的天气。感觉好像我们会经历六到八个星期的不正常模式。你生活的地方是这样的吗 ?


This is not about being in fear. It is about paying attention. If you are connected to the earth, you will always be where you need to be and will be protected.




阿波罗 20180605 把盘子擦干净

通灵:Valerie Donner

翻译:Nick Chan




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