Hello, this is John. As you are no doubt well aware I have not been posting Saul messages for some time – taking a break – so here instead is Chapter 24 from the book “Our Divine Destiny : A Saul Book.” Enjoy.


大家好,我是 John 。正如你们清楚地意识到我没有发布索尔的信息有段时间了 --- 休息一下 --- 以下是来自“我们神圣的命运:索尔的书”一书中的第 24 章节。请欣赏。


24 Love is contagious


24 - 爱是会传染的


The life that a human leads follows a path of opportunities and learning-experiences of incredible complexity. It has been designed with the assistance of many wonderful, loving guides and the wise cooperation of many other souls who are to be a part of the same incarnational group.




No human is alone on Earth, even though many may experience that sensation. Every one of you is spiritually connected to a group — family, friends, foes, work associates — with whom various interactions will occur during Earth life. And this path is approved and blessed by our divine Creator. There are no accidents or coincidences. Every occurrence and every opportunity that you experience during Earth life has been prepared or allowed for before you incarnated. But, on Earth, with your free will, you decide how to respond in every moment to each situation in which you find yourself.


地球上没有人是孤独的,尽管许多人可能会体验这个感受。你们每个人精神上地与一个团体相连 --- 家人、朋友、敌人、工作伙伴 --- 各种各样的交互会在地球生世中发生。这条道路是被我们神圣的造物主批准和祝福的。没有意外或巧合。在地球生世中你体验的每个事件和机遇都是事先准备好的或被允许的,在你化身前。但,在地球上,伴随着你的自由意志,你决定如何响应你面对的每个情况


You can of course seek assistance from anyone with whom you are in contact on the Earth plane — and also of course from the many guides available to each of you in the spiritual realms. But the choice whether to respond lovingly, or allow a knee-jerk reaction to occur, is entirely your decision and responsibility. Remember that not making a choice or a decision is most definitely a decision — your decision — for which you are wholly responsible.


你当然能寻求地球平面上与你接触之人的协助 --- 也可以从精神领域中可供你使用的许多指导那里寻求协助。但,選擇是否深情回應,或允許下意識反應發生,完全取决于你的决定和责任。记住,不去做选择或下决定都是一个决定 --- 你的决定 --- 你要完全负责


Your decisions, or lack of them, most definitely affect others in the Earth plane, but they too made conscious, divinely guided decisions to take part in the game of life.




As I have said before, there are no victims, but on the Earth plane you can hurt each other very badly. The situations and circumstances in which you could do this were preplanned, but how you would respond was not. You are free to cause damage — or not. And only you can change yourself. You cannot change anyone else; and no one else can change you. Responding to violence with violence, anger with anger, or hate with hate, only strengthens and feeds the disharmony between you. You can do this for as long as you wish, but you will eventually learn to love.


正如我之前所说,没有受害者,但在地球平面上,你们可以非常严重地伤害彼此。这样的情况和环境都是预先计划好的,但你如何响应并不是。你有自由去造成伤害 --- 或者不。只有你可以改变自己。你无法改变任何人;没人可以改变你。以暴制暴,以怒制怒,或以恨制恨,只会加强和喂养你们之间的不和谐。只要你希望,你可以这么做,但你最终会学会爱


When you start to love, the cycle changes. Love is infectious and ineradicable, and it will spread to all of humanity.




But why wait for others to bring it about when you can begin today to change your life forever? When you truly love unconditionally you are impregnable! Yes, you can still experience pain and disappointment, but living in love, with love for all, you are undefeatable. And love gives you the strength to bear any pain, and that again strengthens the love. Unconditional love is infinitely powerful. It is divine. It is your heritage and your inheritance — and you will receive it. So why not accept it now, and share it and spread it everywhere, and be in joy— always — and bring joy to every situation in which you find yourself.


但为什么要等别人把它带来,当你可以在今天就开始去永远地改变你的生活?当你真正无条件去愛時,你堅不可摧!是的,你依旧会体验痛苦与失望,但生活于爱中,伴随着对一切的爱,你是不敗的。爱给你力量去承受任何的痛苦,这又加强了愛。无条件之爱无限强大。它是神圣的。它是你的遗产,你会收到它。所以为什么不现在就去接受它,分享它,传播它到各个地方,处于喜悦 --- 总是 --- 把喜悦带给你面对的每个情况


Try it . . . now. It really does work! It is your Creator’s gift to you, and all you have to do is open your heart and say “yes” to Him. He longs for you to do this because He knows what happiness it will bring you.


现在就去尝试。它真的有效!它是造物主给你的礼物,你所需要做的就是敞开心并对他说“ yes (是)”。他渴望你去做这些,因为他知道它会带给你的幸福


Don’t just pay it lip service. Embrace it wholly and experience the joy it will bring you.




索尔 20180607 爱是会传染的

通灵:John Smallman

翻译:Nick Chan




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