新纪元扬升之光 2018-06-08


Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel



Dear One,



As you move through your life, you aregiven many opportunities for growth. There may have been times when you choseways of behavior which now seem inappropriate, and may even cause you greatpain when you think of them. You may also have a sense of guilt for the painyou feel you caused others.



You are here at this place and time,reading these words, to know that it is time to accept the choices you made inthe past and to move on with your life. You were doing the best you could atthe time.



What occurred in the past is over. Tocontinue to beat yourself up or wish you had done things differently serves nopurpose. There comes a time for forgiveness, and this is what is necessarybefore you can make the changes you want for your future.



When you continue to relive pastexperiences, it keeps you dwelling in those patterns of behavior, even if youare no longer acting them out. It is necessary to clear those patterns throughcompassion and forgiveness.



Forgiveness is love in action. It is acleansing balm which can soothe the tattered places of your mind. There is noperson on earth who, as a child of God, does not deserve forgiveness. All thatyou have been through and all the actions you have taken up to this moment,have taught you lessons you have needed to learn. This is true for everyone.You will continue to receive the same lessons over and over, even if there is aslight variation in the form, until you do learn them.



It is helpful to remember your life is ahuge school, where learning experiences are given in every moment to bring youto the peace and light of the Divine Presence within you. At a certain point inlife, the peace of God is more important than anything else. All the choicesyou make will be made from the inner awareness: Does this bring mecloser to peace? It is helpful to pray for others that they too mightalso find this place of peace within themselves.



Joy is found in total forgiveness. Itcan free you to live your life in the present moment, because you will nolonger be looking back at what occurred in the past, or worrying about thefuture. When you find yourself living wholly in the moment, an energy isreleased within you. You can find passion for living, and a connection to theSource of all your good.



From this place, all the decisions youmake and the actions you take will be for the highest good of all concerned.From this place, you can find the peace you have been searching for. It is inthis moment right now, and it is within you.







Take the time to look at what isworrying you or what things in your life cause you pain when you remember them.It can be helpful to make a list, or write a letter to God or to the Angels andsay all that you want to about that subject. Don’t hold back. It’s OK to go onand on, and repeat yourself. The important thing is that you clear your mindand emotions.



It may be helpful to picture yourself asa small child who did something which was not appropriate. Forgive this childof God, for if you had known how to do it differently, you would have. This istrue for others involved in any situation. Forgive their inner child, even ifyou cannot forgive their actions.



When you feel complete, sit quietly andbreathe balanced breaths. Call on the Angels of Light and Love to be with youand guide your way. Next, pray to your Higher Power, and ask for forgivenessfor those actions that may still cause you pain. Ask that you might feel God’sforgiveness at the deepest level of your being.



Have an intention to heal allexperiences within you from the past so you may now live in peace. When youhave this intention, the flow of energy in your life will move in the way thatwill reflect your highest good. In this truth you can trust. Free yourself byforgiving the past, accepting the present moment as it is, and allowingmiracles to be your future.



This is as it shall be when you rememberyour inspiration for today:



Do not dwell in past patterns.

Simply accept those choices and move ahead.






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