Clearly set your intentions each day





Ask your angels to set up events and opportunities for you and then notice the signs so that you are in just the right place today to meet or be inspired on your journey and ask that you will immediately know that these are indeed the signs from spirit helping to show you the way. Start expecting them every day and look for them consider the message and more will come your way.This helps you open up and expand your senses.




Take time to rest and relax.This will increase your energy and stamina for all of your pursuits.Spend time in nature and doing things that you love as this helps keep you in a higher vibrating energy and makes it easier to see more of what is going on.It helps you to see more clearly and truthfully without the veils of the mental world clouding your sight.




The mantra for today is"As I set my intention on expanding my perception I see the world around me in a new Light."




And so it is




You are dearly loved and supported always the angels and guides



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