Transform your Thoughts




The angels are guiding you to choose your thoughts carefully! Just as you are capable of manifesting masterpieces you are also able to manifest chaos and problems.The good news is that you can also undo anything that you are unhappy about.Choose wisely the thoughts you put into the mass consciousness as these are what you are creating and attracting.





Continuing to tell the same stories of shortage sadness or even despair only continues to contradict your desire for abundance health and healing.Your angel guidance is to remember that you cannot have it both ways: You cannot focus upon what you don"t want and receive what you want.You cannot focus upon stories about lack and allow into your experience what desire.Begin to tell a different story as this will bring different results.





The Mantra for today is: "My thoughts are focused on the attraction of all things that I consider good and wanted this includes enough money and health for my comfort and joy and for the good of all."





And so it is





You are dearly loved and supported always the angels and guides







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