A transition of God's grace into the completion of His creation in our purpose has occurred as we moved from the fifth month into the sixth. At the turn of the new month, I began to experience God's hand in areas of my life where I had not seen movement in recent months. His presence began to linger throughout the day in ways that I could tangibly feel. It magnified the truth that anything I pursue cannot be accomplished by my own efforts, but only by His power. As I began my day on the first of June, I heard Him clearly speak the word, "Overturn." I heard it repeatedly then began to see the message God was speaking in a vision which defined it in multiple ways for those who are ready to receive.


神之恩典的一个过渡来完成他的创造已经发生(为了我们的目标),随着我们从五月移动到六月。在新的月份的开始,我开始在近几个月没有看到运转的生活领域中体验神之手。他的存在开始徘徊一整天,在我可以有形感知的方式中。这放大了任何我所追求的东西无法靠我自己完成,只能靠他的力量这个真理。在 6 月份刚开始的时候,我清晰地听到他说,“逆转”。我反复地听到它,然后开始在幻象中看到神述说的信息,在多种方式中被定义来让那些准备好的人接收


Reaching a Tipping Point




We are at the tipping point and God is about to OVERTURN our lives in many ways. All that has been held back and contained within you will begin to pour out in great measure! His Word will be released in the overflow of your spirit! Many will experience a refreshment of faith, hope and love through what He releases in you!




"Whoever believes in Me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them." (John 7:38 NIV)


“任何相信我的人,正如圣经所说,活水的河流会从他们之中流出。” (John 7:38 NIV)


The Lord has entered the Courts of Heaven on your behalf, OVERTURNING the verdict of your past. The enemy has been overruled and your sentence has been reversed. You will be given back all that was lost! Time and resources spent to defend yourself shall be returned sevenfold as He has been proven to be the thief that tried to steal from you, kill and destroy you! The charges he stated against you have been revoked from your record.


主为了你的利益已经进入天堂的法庭,逆转你过去的宣判。敌人已被驳回,你的宣判已经逆转。你会被归还你失去的一切!用来为你辩护的时间和资源会 7 倍地返回,随着他被证明是想要偷窃、杀害和毁灭你的盗贼!他对你的指控已从你的记录中撤销。


The Lord has declared, "OVERTURNED!" on your behalf. The prison the enemy created to hold you in bondage will fall away. Anything that has prevented you from stepping forward into what God has predestined you for will be removed. No more hindrance, no more delay – just overflow of His goodness and favor over your life!


主已经宣布,“逆转”!为了你的利益。敌人用来束缚你的监狱会消失。任何阻止你进入神为你命定之物的东西会被移除。没有更多的障碍,没有更多的延迟 --- 只有他的良善和对你生命的支持的洋溢


"'The Lord has vindicated us; come, let us tell in Zion what the Lord our God has done.'" (Jeremiah 51:10 NIV)


“主已经证明我们的无辜;来,让我们告诉天国主我们的神做了什么。” (Jeremiah 51:10 NIV)


Resounding Testimonies




Your testimony will not only be heard in Heaven's courts, but it will resound around the globe. It will cause a ripple effect of new-found freedom for many. The Word of the Lord has set you free and you will bring the same freedom to others by declaring His truth and testifying of His goodness.




The Lord has OVERTURNED what was meant for harm and has allowed it to be used for your good as you begin to walk further into His will for you. He is sending angel armies to protect you against other attacks and judgments the enemy would try to bring against you.




Be ready to experience a life OVERTURNED by the hand of Jesus. You have reached your tipping point and you are now spilling over. You have been filled with the Lord's living water and you are ready to refresh the many who are thirsty for His presence. (Photo via Pixabay)




"The fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, the beasts of the field, every creature that moves along the ground, and all the people on the face of the earth will tremble at My presence. The mountains will be OVERTURNED, the cliffs will crumble and every wall will fall to the ground." (Ezekiel 38:20 NIV)


“海中的鱼,空中的鸟,陆地的野兽,与土地一同移动的生物,所有地表的人类,会在我的存在面前颤抖。山脉会被逆转,悬崖会崩塌,每面墙壁会倒下” (Ezekiel 38:20 NIV)


"For the Lamb at the center of the throne will be their shepherd; 'He will lead them to springs of living water.' 'And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.'" (Revelation 7:17 NIV)


“因为王座中央的羔羊会是他们的领袖;他会引领他们到达活水的源头。神会擦去他们眼中的每一滴泪水” (Revelation 7:17 NIV)



作者:Anne Marie Molster, Boonsboro, MD

翻译:Nick Chan



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