I am Mira from the Pleiades.




I embrace you with uplifting energy of our star system.




I am connecting extra with several individuals on your Earth. I am a part of the network that is created among you –network in which you help each other to develop and remind each other of who you really are. I spread stardust over you –stardust that gets your eyes to open up and your consciousness to expand.


我在与地球上额外的些许个体连接。我是你们之中创造的网络的一部分 --- 你们帮助彼此发展,提醒彼此自己真正所是的网络。我把星尘撒在你身上 --- 会让你的眼睛睁开,意识扩张的星尘


My role is not only about waking up your memories.It is also about helping you to live your lives with greater ease –to also meet your fellow humans with openness and understanding and, to also see yourselves with new eyes and also this from an earthly perspective. When you see yourselves from an Earthly perspective you see with greater ease the patterns of your behavior and thoughts that you might have gotten caught up in. This is happening so that you as a human will become whole and so that you as a human will be able to live your life fully without earthly limitations. In order for this to happen it is not to remember in your soul, but it much be implemented down in the physical body.


我的角色不仅是关于唤醒你的记忆。还是关于帮助你伴随着更大的轻盈生活 --- 伴随着敞开和理解遭遇你的同胞人类,伴随着新的眼光以及世俗的角度看待自己。当你从世俗的角度看待自己,你能够伴随着更大的轻盈看到你的行为和思想模式(你可能陷入的)。这样你作为人可以变得完整,这样你作为人将能够充分地生活而不带世俗的局限。为了让这发生,不是要在你的灵魂中忆起,而是要在你的物理身体中实施


The body remembers more than you think. In the body there are memories stored from times so far back that you in your consciousness cannot understand this. Memories are woken up. Some are beneficial for your development, but some are holding back your development.




You dear human wonder how I from the stars can have this knowledge of how it is to live a physical life.Parts of me are incarnated on Earth in this now. I am part of humanity’s origin since I was part of seeding the Earth.




My seeds have been spread era after era. Through my seeds or maybe I should call it parts of my soul I know exactly how it is to be in a physical body. I appear to you as a physical person so that you on Earth more easily can perceive me. So I hope that you understand that I understand that is of utmost importance to manifest life in your physical body.




Use you the broad knowledge of your soul in your body to make life on Earth easier and more flowing. I exist around you in order to serve and help you today and all other days.




In light and Love





通灵:Camilla Nilsson

翻译:Nick Chan




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