Dear Ones many of you shy away from truly stepping into love for yourselves because you fear you will fall into ego.Let us assure you that will not happen.





Egoic self love creates self imposed separation which by it's very nature will not allow love healing or connection.It perpetuates behaviours that do not honour the self and keeps you stuck.It becomes a very lonely uncomfortable place indeed and a space that you would not be able to stay in for very long at all before your discomfort would urge you to choose another energy that better fits who you really are.





Conscious self love unifies by including yourself in your own loving care.It nurtures and encourages healing and growth and unconditional love for all things including yourself.It anchors the energy of unity consciousness by not separating but rather including yourself as an equally delightful part of the whole deserving of your own delightful attention.By unconditionally loving all the parts of you you unify and heal all the aspects of self that have been yearning for the missing piece of your own tender love which allows you to move forward in authentic and empowered ways like never before.





Do you see? The first is of energies that you have already evolved beyond so even if you tried to go back there you would not be able to stay in those energies very long.The second moves you into the energies of Homeof unconditional love unity consciousness and acceptance.One perpetuates the illusion of separation while the other willingly and lovingly supports the whole.Through intention one holds the energy of exclusion the other of inclusion.One rejects the other accepts.





So we urge you to finally consistently love yourselves as the vital and divine aspects you really are for it is through this final act of unification and acceptance you will start your empowered journey shining in your authentic truth and glory.And that Dear Ones is what puts the light in enlightenment.







翻译:Nick Chan




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