Here in the spiritual realms I, Jesus, and all your individual support teams are watching over you constantly and inundating you with LOVE, as the awakening process continues to unfold perfectly as divinely planned. The “stuff”, that we have talked about previously, has strongly intensified for many as it flows into your conscious awareness to be recognized, thanked, and fully released. Attending to this can be very tiring, very stressful, and very unsettling, because most of you have been unaware of how much stuff you had hidden deep within yourselves, waiting to be acknowledged and released. The intensity has shocked many of you as friends and loved ones have unexpectedly – and mostly quite unwittingly – triggered spontaneous and unloving reactions that have exploded from within you, and which you have then directed powerfully back at those who have triggered you, shocking and offending them, thus triggering them in return.


在精神领域,我,耶稣,和你所有个人的支持团队,不断地观察着你,用爱淹没你,随着觉醒进程如神圣计划般继续完美地展开。我们之前谈论过的“东西”,对许多人来说被加强,随着它流入你的显意识来被认识到、感谢、完全释放。与它协调可以是非常累人的、非常有压力的、非常令人不安的,因为你们大多数人不知道有多少东西你隐藏在内心深处,等待着被认识到和释放。强度令你们许多人震惊,随着朋友和心爱的人出乎意料 --- 大部分还无意 --- 触发了从你之内爆发的无意识的无爱的反应,然后你被强力地引向那些触发你的人,震惊并冒犯他们,从而也触发他们


This is a time for you to demonstrate enormous compassion for yourselves and for all others, because so many are feeling very confused in this period of great uncertainty, as the familiar world appears to be disintegrating, and when and how the future will unfold remains out of sight. People do not like uncertainty – and yet the world of form has always been filled with uncertainty – and so they establish routines and life patterns that seem to show them the way forward to desired ends and events whose achievement is guaranteed. This does work for short periods of time for individuals – maybe for as long as ten years, though more frequently for much shorter periods – then something happens that throws their plans into disarray.


这是让你展示对自己和所有人巨大同情心的时间,因为非常多的人在这个巨大不确定性的时期感到非常困惑,随着熟悉的世界看似瓦解,未来会如何展开无从知晓。人们不喜欢不确定性 --- 但形态世界总是充满了不确定性 --- 所以他们建立了常规和看似会展示他们通往渴望目标和事件的生活模式,他们的成就就会被确保。这不会在短时间内奏效 --- 也许需要十几年,尽管经常所需的时间更短一点 --- 然后发生了什么事扰乱了他们的计划


Right now nearly everyone’s plans are in disarray, and the future seems to be more uncertain than anyone can remember. Know that your awakening is absolutely assured. Nevertheless, how you will awaken is not yet clear to you. This is a time in which you need to strengthen your trust in God’s Love for you, and allow that trust to guide your thoughts, words, and actions, as you go about your daily human lives. Live lovingly whatever arises for you, and demonstrate Love in action by being the divine Being that God so joyfully and lovingly created as You. It is ALL that You are. Anything that arises within you that is not in complete alignment with Love is not You, and is unreal.




As stress or fear attempts to fill your minds as you concern yourselves with reestablishing your ‘normal’ routines when the present restrictions on your freedom are eased or removed, turn to me, or indeed to anyone in the non physical realms with whom you commune on a regular basis, and ask for help and guidance to strengthen your faith in Mother/Father/God to Whom you are always inseparably connected. Doing this will bring you comfort as the knowing of your inseparability from Source – with Whom you are always One – arises into your conscious mind reminding you again that there is only Love, that all else is unreal and will pass away.


随着压力或恐惧试图充满你的头脑,当你担心在隔离减轻或被移除后如何重建“常规”,转向我,或者任何非物理领域中的存在(你经常联系的),请求帮助和指引来加强你对母亲 / 父亲 / 神的信心。这么做会带给你慰藉,随着你与源头的不可分离性 --- 你总是与其合一 --- 这个意识上升到你的显意识头脑,再次提醒你只有爱,其它的一切都是虚假的,都会过去


The massive worldwide uncertainty, that all are presently experiencing, is an essential aspect of humanity’s awakening process. In order for you to awaken you have to let go of or release your hold on “your life story,” the egoic image of yourself that you have built up as your identity, and which you present to others as the ‘me” that you think you are. This is not who You are! However the belief in this identity has become so deeply ingrained within you that you truly believe that it is who you are. Your egos do not want to let go of this identity because they fear it will terminate their existence, and their sole purpose within you is to protect their identity so that they can control you through fear.




By fully opening to and embracing Love, your true and eternal nature, you allow It to dissolve your fear as the realization dawns on you that truly there is nothing to fear. If you doubt this, remember what those who have had near death experiences (NDEs) have shared in books and interviews: that there is no death, that they have fully experienced knowing the truth of this, and that as a result of their experience they have lost all fear of death. By opening fully to and embracing Love you too will come to the personal realization that there is nothing to fear, because you will know that there is only Love.




To arrive at this realization daily meditation must be practiced by relaxing into your holy inner sanctuaries, as you let arising thoughts just flow through your mind without engaging with them. It does take practice, relaxed practice, where you let go of all judgments about your competence or ability – egotistical thoughts arising – that distract you from being at One with Yourself. When you let go of self-assessment and self-judgment, and accept yourself just as you are, peace will arise within you as you enjoy the moment: ‘smelling the rose,’ ‘watching the sunshine playing on the water,’ ‘hearing the bird song,’ ‘listening to the breeze rustling the tree leaves.’ Truly all is well.


要到达这一领悟,每天的冥想是必须的,在你内在的圣殿中休息,让升起的想法流经你的头脑而不接洽于它们。这的确需要练习,放松的练习,放下对自身能力的所有评判 --- 升起的自负想法 --- 让你无法与自己合一。当你放下自我评估、自我评判,接纳自己的所是,平和会从你之内升起,随着你享受当下的“闻玫瑰”“观看水面上的阳光”“聆听鸟叫”“聆听吹起树叶的微风”。确实一切都好


Remind yourself that you are on the path that you set up for yourself before you incarnated, and that you were born into the family that was absolutely perfect and that would allow the lessons that you had chosen to learn to be presented to you at just the right moment. There are no accidents or coincidences, unexpected events are part of your life plan to allow you to deal with them in the most loving manner of which you are capable in the moment in which they occur. Later in your lives you may look back and regret certain things you have said or done that have hurt others, and that awareness alone is enough to allow you to forgive yourself and move forward. To dwell on past events of that nature, instead of acknowledging them and releasing them, causes you unnecessary pain and suffering and serves no useful purpose. Forgive yourselves, and forgive others who have hurt or offended you, realizing that you were all doing your absolute best in that moment. Judging yourselves and others wrong for past events with the ‘wisdom’ of hindsight is to cling to something that has passed, which makes no sense because there is only now. Use your new awareness to live more lovingly.




You incarnated solely to live lovingly, and by so doing to assist humanity in the awakening process. Your intent to send Love is extremely powerful, even though you very likely will receive no feedback after doing so. Trust that this is so, knowing that you are a divine Being at One with Source, while remaining within the limitations of form where positive loving feedback, although often given, is often unseen or unfelt. Your loving intentions always arrive at their destination and mightily assist those to whom they are directed, so keep on loving and intending to be loving, and awaken!






Your loving brother, Jesus.




传导:John Smallman

翻译:Nick Chan







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