I am Judas and I want you to understand that the Earth is in a riot of different emotions. All wrongs come to the surface and play their part. It is how you relate to these injustices that is of great importance now. How can you change things in your world in a peaceful way? What has the violence so far given you other than violence? Are you prepared to pick up the shovel and dig a little deeper to develop sustainable methods for a brighter and fairer society? Are you prepared to heal what has been and start a new and more positive era in your life, your society and for the whole Earth. These are big questions that come up in the minds of many today.




What can I do? Well, you can stay calm, refuse to be involved in violence, and you can stand for everyone’s equal value in every situation you end up in. what it really is. Old injustices that are given new life by people who have not healed and healed themselves. You always have a new choice every day about how you want to relate to the world and to yourself. Don’t forget that the world that is played within you can also be played outside of you. If there are many who play on the same song, it can be tough. Then it is important to take a break and see if anything else can occur during the break. If you listen really carefully you might hear another song, a song that takes you to a new place of consciousness and gives you brand new shoes to stand and walk in. We need to get in touch with ourselves to do the best the choice for ourselves and thus also for others. The more people who stop and start taking new steps in a completely different direction, the calmer the world becomes.




You need to get in touch with your inner consciousness, the consciousness that also links you together collectively, in order for you to achieve a lasting change. The collective consciousness of light and love permeates everything and gives you the confidence, power and strength that you both need now.




The higher consciousness of light and love is already on Earth, you just have to choose to go into it. You have a choice of choosing the light or darkness today. Choose wisely dear Earthlings, be wise now and take a few deep breaths and pause for a while before you shop. It can do wonders for yourself and the world you live in. What does your heart say? How should you relate to everything you encounter today? These are difficult questions but the heart has the answer. It tells you what your next step should be, it just needs your courage to follow it. Each of you has a leadership within you that shows step by step which way you should go. Life would immediately look different, a new window of perspective would open up for you, and your path could be significantly different from the path you are walking today.





Once again a great call to you to honor the Earthlings. Go inside, follow your heart and be open to the wonders that can happen to you, and that can also happen to the rest of humanity.




Great love








传导:Ann Dahlberg

翻译:Nick Chan




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