We of the Light Forces wish to remind you on planet earth, that your battle now is not between the left and the right, the Republicans and the Democrats, the people and the Deep State… you are fighting for something much more meaningful. You are fighting to re-entrench God into your world. It has been a long time since God has graced your minds, walked your streets and blessed your hearts and it is time again, for the re-introduction of God and all that is One to bless your lives again.


我们光之力量希望提醒你,你们的战斗现在不是在左派和右派之间,共合党与民 党之间,人民和“深层”之间 ... 你在为更加有意义的东西战斗。你在为神重新进入你们的世界战斗。从上次让神进入你的思想、行走你的街道、祝福你的心已经过去了很久,是时候再次让神进入、祝福你的生活


...For anyone who sees themself as having an enemy at all, you are missing the point. The enemy is within and it must be expunged from your hearts and minds, so that God may reign free in your world once more and that you take your places as the cherished divine beings that you are.




This entire scenario on your world now, being played out for you to see, to improve, to work on yourselves to change, is there for your reaction and your input. You are playing a game, a very important game, of “What do I do next? How do I improve myself and the world for the rest of humanity now?” If these are not the questions you’re asking, then you’re playing the wrong game.




Know that you are more powerful than those who run your world. They have stolen it from you. Something stolen can only be taken from one who has more, remember that.




It is as if you are at a movie theater, and the script is being created by you and all your fellow earthlings. How do you wish to influence it now?




We are with you, always.








传导: Sharon

翻译: Nick Chan






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