My friends, I am Sanat Kumara.I hear your questions about what is happening on Earth today. In many places there are strong and sudden winds or quick weather changes with rain and thunder. Mother Earth, your beloved and protective Gaia, is cleansing her self from all that is old and non-functioning.It is time for new times on Earth –times that are so new they never have existed here before and thus changes the development of the whole of the Universe.


我的朋友们,我是库玛拉。我听到了你关于今天在地球上发生了什么的疑问。在很多地方,有着强烈和突发的大风或快速的天气转变(伴随着雨水和打雷)。地球母亲,你亲爱的保护着你的盖亚,在清理所有旧的和丧失功能的东西。这是新时代的时间 --- 如此地新颖,从未在地球上存在过,因此会改变整个宇宙的发展


As you know you are, exactly all of you, here for the simple reason that you wanted to experience this fantastic shift –this transformation and metamorphosis that is happening in this moment.You asked for being reborn in many tough times and have collected experiences of the most different varieties. Many times it has been unbelievably heavy and dark, nevertheless you have chosen to return to your planet over and over again. You have collected so much knowledge within you, so much wisdom that you now share with each other and to us in the Universe. Many here have never had a physical life on Earth and your experiences are thus incredibly valuable. Your fantastic development is forming “rings on the water”on many other planets and in many civilizations.


正如你知道的,你们所有人,来到这里的原因很简单,你想要体验这个奇妙的转变 --- 正在这个时刻发生的转变和蜕变。你请求重生在许多艰难的时期,收集了各种不同的体验。很多时候这是令人难以置信的沉重和黑暗,无论如何,你一再地选择返回地球。你在内在收集了大量的知识,大量的智慧,你正与彼此和宇宙中的我们分享。许多人从未在地球上拥有过一个物理生活,因此,你的体验非常地珍贵。你神奇的发展在许多别的星球上、在许多的文明中形成了“涟漪”


Your origin, your employer and also parent who loves you more than anything else is your Father God and Mother God.We are all so proud of you here. You humans have achieved what nobody else has done before. You have transformed your physical bodies to Divine Beings –Beings of light and love, which in turn spreads the love energies around Earth and further out, as rays to the Universe.


你的起源、你的雇主以及爱你胜过一切的父母都是你的父母神。我们都为你感到骄傲。你们人类实现了没有人实现过的东西。你将物理身体转变成了神圣的存在 --- 爱与光的存在,进而将爱的能量传播到世界各地以及之上,作为射线传播到宇宙中


You are now working intensively together with Mother Gaia.Many of you have finished cleansing within you’re and are now helping your fellow humans with cleansing, light and joy. And during these days you are helping your planet mother in her cleansing by holding your light in spite of the fact that it sometimes is blowing hard around you. You know that now finally it is happening what you have waited for so very long. You remember your own grandness and you remember that you are not alone –you have reconnected with your friends, both the physically living on Earth us who exist here in the spiritual world. Most of you have temporarily forgotten us and also forgotten that it so easy to establish a spiritual connection both with us and humans all around Earth. We are most touched and happy now when we have regained the connection with you.


你现在与盖亚母亲强力地一起共事。你们许多人已经完成内在的清理,现在正帮助同胞人类清理,伴随着爱与喜悦。在这些天,你在帮助地球母亲清理,通过保持你的光,尽管有时候很艰难。你知道,现在你所等待很长时间的东西终于发生。你忆起你的伟大,你忆起你不孤单 --- 你与朋友们重新连接 --- 在地球上生活的以及精神世界中的我们。你们大多数人暂时忘记了我们,还忘记了如何轻易地与我们以及世界各地的人类建立一个精神连接。当我们重获与你的连接,我们备受感动,非常高兴


Together with your Gaia you are now entering a new Era –foretold since long. Nothing can change Gaia’s ascension. The event is observed, admired and guided by so many more than you ever can imagine. We, just as you, have waited a long time for this. However, as you say, the one who is waiting for something good can never wait too long.


与盖亚一起,你们在进入一个新的时代 --- 很久之前就预言的。没什么可以改变盖亚的扬升。事件被比你可以想象的还要多的人观察着、欣赏着和指引着。我们,就像你,为此等待了很长的时间。无论如何,如你所说,等待好事的人不会等太久


Have trust and confidence dear friends when you hold on to your hat in the wind. We are all together in this –we are all One.


要有信心和信任,亲爱的朋友们,当你在风中抓稳你的帽子。我们都在同一条船上 --- 我们都是一


With admiration and much love




Sanat Kumara





通灵:Kerstin Sisilla

翻译:Nick Chan


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