Dear Ones,




Even though we, of the Universes, request that you rest, many of you believe a day or even an hour of rest is not possible within your 3D environments.


即使我们,宇宙存在,请求你去休息,你们许多人认为腾出一天或甚至一个小时去休息在 3D 环境中是不可能的


Because you are adjusting internally to the many shifts that occurred the past few days, you feel exhausted, energized, mopey or just different from what you expected when you were of 3D.


因为你在内在适应发生在过去几天的许多转变,你感到疲惫、精力充沛、无精打采或者和你 3D 时所期望的不太一样。


Allow your rest needs to overcome your daily objectives, as you might after a medical procedure. Granted, you may feel as if you could conquer the world, but in truth, you do not yet have the strength to do so.




Your sense of conquering the world is similar to a drug high for you are feeling different and you cannot explain why to yourself or others. So you return to 3D feeling definitions to explain your new sensations.


你想征服世界的感受类似于嗑药嗑嗨了,因为你感到不同,你无法向自己或他人解释为什么。所以你返回 3D 的感受定义来解释你新的感觉


Allow your body to adjust to your new sensations. For within a few days, the energies will once again ramp-up creating more new sensations within your being.




For some such a thought is fearful, but to others – especially those on their new physical high – that thought is exhilarating. For many of you are so ready to shift, you do not wish to rest.


对于一些人这样的想法是可怕的,但对于其他人 --- 尤其那些处于物理新高的人 --- 这样的想法是激动人心的。因为你们许多人早已准备好了转变,你不想要休息


So it is, we are setting aside a time of rest and nurturing for you. Again, many of you are clamoring that you must care for children, work or the thousands of other reasons you give yourself why you cannot nurture yourself in a 3D world.


所以,我们为你留出休息和滋养的时间。再次,你们许多人喧嚷着你必须照顾孩子、工作或许多其他的原因来解释为什么你无法在 3D 的世界滋养自己


Therefore, we will relay a Universal trick you can perform at home, in the subway, during your workday or any place that feels right. Request five or so minutes of blank time from the Universes.




Even though you have progressed beyond 3D, you have not acknowledged to yourself that you have. Blank time is your internal nap that no 3D entity senses or sees. Those around you will continue their life, but you will step out of 3D life for a bit to rest. You are stopping your clock – not anyone else’s.


即使你已经发展超越了 3D ,你还未自己确认你已经是。空白时间是你内在的打盹,没有 3D 的实体可以感到或看到。你周围的人会继续他们的生活,但你会走出 3D 的生活一会儿来休息。你在停止你的时钟 --- 而不是任何人的


Some of you claim that you sleep long hours. Such is true. But because you are also working, dreaming, traveling, creating, etc. during that sleep time, you are not resting.




Your five-minute rest can be before you sleep at night, in the office, during your commute or any time you feel comfortable doing so.




This rest technique is a two-fold project. One, you need to rest so that your physicality resets before the next energy burst. And two, for you to test one of your new skills. For even as you read this, you are thinking that it MIGHT work, but you need to test it in a safe place like your restroom or bedroom before sleep.




You cannot yet conceive that you can step out of the 3D world with no 3D entity being the wiser. A simple task that those of other frequencies do throughout the Universes. For indeed, you know that those of the Universes often give you indications they are following you, but you do not expect them to be visually available to you 24 hours a day. Instead, you expect that they will flit in and out of your life and vision.


你还无法相信你可以走出 3D 世界而没有 3D 的实体会是明智的。一个简单的任务,宇宙中那些处于其他频率的人会做的。因为确实,你知道宇宙的存在经常给予你迹象,他们跟随着你,但你不期望他们会 24 小时地为你形象上地可用。相反,你期望的是他们会在你的生活和视线中飞进飞出。


You can now do the same. And no one of 3D will notice. Only those with similar skills will know that you are “dropping out” for a bit.


你现在也能这么做。没有 3D 的人会注意到。只有那些拥有相似技能的人会知道你在“撤离”一会儿


So it is we challenge you to care for yourself during this “quiet” time by resting.




You create the resting environment. Not those outside of you as you have always believed, but you from inside yourself.




You may try a five-minutes Universal rest now but will likely expand the time to that which feels comfortable. Doing so, you will discover that you might be in a business meeting and feel the need to rest for a few minutes. When you return your focus to the meeting, not one syllable of wording will be lost to you. To the 3D world, you were completely attentive.


现在你可以尝试一下五分钟的休息,但可能会延长时间到你感觉舒适的程度。这么去做,你会发现你可能在一个商务会议中感到需要休息几分钟。当你把注意力返回会议,没有一个字你会错过。对于 3D 世界,你完全是专心的


We are teaching you to bend time.




It is time – said with laughter – for you to practice this new skill while of the earth. A skill that will not impact 3D actions, but will change your current life.


是时候了 --- 笑着说 --- 去练习这个新技能,在处于地球的同时。不会影响 3D 行为,但是会改变你当前生活的技能


You are not alone and never have been. Time travel is now also true for you as you jump from frequency to frequency and dimension to dimension just as your Universal guardians have done throughout your earth lives.




Rest and practice away. The only request is that you do not become so dedicated to our practice discussion that you neglect to rest. Your key job the next few days is resting. Your new skill is merely a way of resting if you so choose.




There are no shoulds. Just know that with your new software, one of your new skills is time bending with no one of 3D the wiser. So be it. Amen.


没有应不应该。只是知晓,伴随着你新的软件,你的一个新技能就是弯曲时间而没有 3D 的人是明智的。就是如此。阿门



Brenda Hoffman61日《弯曲时间来休息》

翻译:Nick Chan



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