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“我是圣哲曼,在你的时间的两天前,我有幸地参与了全力支持 NESARA** 的个体的聚会。我再说一次,这是我们称作的“黄金时代生活方式”的关键,加速到达终点 - 非常快 - 那些人类进步的成员,愿意让自己扬升的,在你所说的时间里,这是一个很快就会到来的时刻。这里的读者中没有人需要等待一千年甚至一百年的时间才能完成!

I am St Germain, and I had the honor two days ago, in your time, of addressing a Gathering of individuals who were coming together in Hearts and minds to support NESARA.** And I shall say again that it is the key to what we are calling the ‘Golden Age Lifestyle,‘ and reaching that point accelerates – quite exponentially – the progress of all members of Humanity who wish to make their Ascensions, in what you might call a time that comes quite soon. There is no one in this audience who needs to wait a thousand or even a hundred years to accomplish that!


“但我要说的是, NESARA 的宣布和实施将正式开启黄金时代生活方式–并通过宣布我们在行星地球上的存在,进一步得到加强和授权–这是享受!这是喜悦!这是一个休息的机会,从所有压力的环境中,第三次元的生活方式已经阻止。所以我劝你,我亲爱的兄弟姐妹们,去尽情享受,你会对你所拥有的全部的新机遇感到激动和兴奋。

But I will say that the Golden Age Lifestyle which is officially opened by NESARA’s announcement and implementation – and further enhanced and empowered by the announcement of our presence with all of Planet Earth – it is to be savored! It is to be enjoyed! It is an opportunity to rest, from all of the stressful situations, that living in the third dimensional lifestyle has prevented. And so I counsel you, my Beloved Brothers and Sisters, to do that savoring, even as you are excited and exhilarated by all of the new opportunities that are available to you.


“我会讨论这对你来说意味着什么,它会是什么样子,它会是怎样的感觉。我邀请你放下你可能有的任何怀疑或担心,并用你的思想和你的心去想象这种生活方式!去试着尝试一下– 如果你还没有这样做– 或者有做过。你知道, NESARA 是开启这种生活方式的方法,让地球上的每一个人都能拥有它!

“And I shall discuss what this is going to mean for you, what is it going to look like, how is it going to feel. And I invite you to let go of any doubts or little fears you might have, and join in envisioning this Lifestyle with your minds as well as your Hearts! And just try it on for size – if you have not already done so – or even if you have. You have heard that NESARA is the way to open up this Lifestyle and make it available to everyone on Planet Earth!!!


在这种生活方式下你打算要做些什么?我讲的不是钱的问题–即使是这样,即使在你的金融世界,你们的经济是被允许的,只要它是高次元所需要的有价值的,就像你所说的那样–宝贵的资金–必须通过 NESARA 这座桥梁摆脱第三次元的所有以恐惧为根本的生活方式,并向上移动到没有恐惧的地方!

And what are you going to do with this Lifestyle? And I’m not talking as much about the money – although even that, even your financial world, your economies will be empowered for as long as it is needed by High Dimensional, valuable, as you call it – valuable monies – because it is necessary to have this bridge of NESARA to get free of all of the fear-based lifestyles of the third dimension, and move up into where there is no fear!


如果你担心饥饿或无家可归,或无法支付你的账单,或者有的政府会来把你辛辛苦苦挣的钱或东西拿走,为此,如果你只是厌倦了如此辛苦的工作–那么你可以从艰难的困境中获得自由,这就是 NESARA 带来的。因此,在这个意义上,这个神圣的治理将提供你的基本生活方式,让你自由地去做你想做的事情!

And if you are afraid of starvation, or being homeless, or not being able to pay your bills, or that some government is going to come and take everything that you have worked so hard to earn -or, for that matter, if you’re just tired of working so hard – then it is quite difficult to feel the Freedom from all of that, that NESARA brings. So, in that sense, this Divine Governance will provide for your basic lifestyles and free you to do whatever it is that you want to do!!!


一旦你拥有了这种自由,你就会发现你将被赋予了造物者的力量!你将生活在这样一个更高的振动中,如果你有什么事 -- 比如,让我们说你伤害了你的大脚趾。你可能寻求某种形式的医生的帮助,某种疗愈者,你,你自己,将开始认识到你是你自己最伟大的疗愈者,因为你将与你自己的整体连在一起!不会有人告诉你,‘小心!有人会把你当成是真正的疯子’,他们甚至会把你锁起来或任何这类的事,这个是第三次元地球历史的一部分。

Once you have this Freedom, you will find that you will be empowered Creators! You will be living in such a Higher vibration that if you have something – for instance, let us say that you injure your big toe. And while you may seek the help of a practitioner of some kind, a healer of some kind, you, yourselves, will start recognizing that you are your own greatest healers because you will be connecting with the totality of yourselves!!! There will not be anyone to tell you, ‘Watch out! Somebody is going to think you’re real looney-tune,’ because they might even lock you up or any of those kinds of things that are a part of the third dimensional history/herstory of Planet Earth.



And while we’re talking about healing yourselves, let’s talk about helping each other to heal. Imagine coming together in a beautiful park or garden, or by the seashore, or on a mountaintop with others – coming together, and by the Love that you share with each other, whoever is there desiring some form of healing, so be it. IT IS DONE!!!


“而我并不是说只是感受到了 - 我的意思是已经实现!亲爱的,这就是你现在拥有的力量!但我们明白你还没有感觉到所有的能力。 NESARA 会带给你自由去感受你自己的神圣权利!现在你不能把它和任何一笔钱等同起来。不要去尝试!也不要去接近,因为那不是 NESARA 的目的。它不是要给每个人钱,让每个人都更依赖钱。它是为了让你从金钱中获得自由,最终让你从金钱中解放,这是你天赋的权利!

And I don’t mean just felt in the moment – I mean DONE! That’s how powerful you are right now, Beloved Ones! But we understand that you’re not feeling all that empowerment. NESARA gives you that Freedom to feel your own Divine Empowerment! Now you cannot equate that with any sum of dollars. Don’t even try! Don’t even go there, because that’s not the purpose of NESARA. It’s not about giving everybody money so everybody depends on money even more. It’s about FREEING YOU FROM MONEY, ultimately freeing you from money! It is about empowering yourselves!!!


“如果你有一些种子,你不希望它们长大?已经有高次元灵性科学的方法能让你做到!例如,有很多方法可以把营养融入到水里来饮用,因为当你的身体变得更轻的时候,你的饮食习惯就会越来越少,除非你只是想玩得开心或者有一个聚会。你可以喝水并喝到纯净的水。如果你想,你可以进一步赋予水以营养,哦,你今天需要多一点的维生素 C 等等。说的没错。作为一个过渡期,营养水已经被制成。我不是说你在杂货店找到的糖水。看过 Keshe 基金会工作的 *** ,你会明白我说的是什么!

What if you have some seeds and you are anxious that they grow? There are already High Dimensional Spiritually Scientific ways for you to do this! There are ways that you can incorporate nutrition into water, for instance, and by drinking the water -because as your bodies become lighter it will come to pass that you will require less and less in the way of food, unless you just want to have fun or have a party. And you will be able to drink water and you will have pure water. And you can further empower the water with nutrition if you feel like, oh, you need a little more vitamin C today or whatever. That’s right! And as an interim, nutritional water is already being made. And I’m NOT talking about the sugar water you find in your grocery stores. Look up the Keshe Foundation work*** and you’ll see what I’m talking about!!!


“比方说,你想为自己的房子提供一些电力,但你不想支付费用给电力公司的业主。这已经在世界给出了一种方法,使你能够实现。 *** 那是个暂时的–是个桥梁,就像营养水–是一座桥,因为你将会根据你的神圣意志和要求,在你家里选择的地方打开灯或关闭灯。说的没错。我们在谈论进入黄金时代。我们正在谈论进入它。我们谈论的生活方式是为你最后的扬升做准备–不管是很快,或者会花多一些的时间,你都会想要它发生!

Let’s say that you want to have some power for your homes but you don’t want to pay the corporate owners of the electric company. There is a way already being given to the World so that you can accomplish that.*** And that’s an interim – that’s a bridge, just like the nutritional water – it’s a bridge, because you will, by your Divine will and requirements, be able to turn the lights on or off in your home spaces as you choose. That’s right! We’re talking about entering into the Golden Age. We’re talking about moving into it. We’re talking about living that Lifestyle as preparation for your final Ascensions – however quickly, or however taking more time, you might want that to occur!


“你生活的方方面面都会改变!我们建议,随着 NESARA 进入 3D ,你将开始看到在黄金时代可以做些什么。你不必做出明确的最终计划。你可以简单地和你的指导灵一起看看你的时间表上有什么。然后,如果你想改变它,当然,你可以做到!那会怎么样?你可能要开始记录你的思想和灵感。当你活在爱且只有爱中时,你想要去创造什么?你看,这就是黄金时代的一部分!这不会发生在 NESARA 公布的那一刻。但是你和其他的光工作者,你的家人,你的邻居,和你选择分享的人去分享,在你自己的生命中会带来越多–分享它,你将认识到越来越多的人正在成为光–当你让自己保持在高的振动,你会吸引到别人,你会被吸引其他人也去做同样的事情!这是为黄金时代的准备,一旦你进入黄金时代,它会为你提供非常快乐的服务,当然,不只是你自己,还有属于所有行星地球的,在其下和在其上的!

Every aspect of your lives will change! And we propose that, along with bringing NESARA into 3D, you start looking at what you want to do in the Golden Age. You don’t have to make a definite, final plan. You can simply get with your guides and see whats on your timeline. And then if you want to change it, of course, you can!!! How about that? You might want to start journaling your thoughts and inspirations. What do you want to create when you are living Love and only Love? You see, that’s a part of the Golden Age, too! It’s not going to happen the minute NESARA is announced. But the more you bring it forth within your own beings and share it with other Lightworkers, with your families, your neighbors, anyone you choose to share it with – and you will be recognizing more and more who are becoming Hearts of Light –as you keep yourselves in the High vibrations, you will be a magnet to others and you will be drawn to others who are doing the same thing!!! It’s preparation for the Golden Age, and once you get into the Golden Age, it will serve you very Joy-fully, even as you are creating and serving – of course, yourselves, but all of Planet Earth, below, on and above!



There is nothing, no miracle, if you want to call it that, that is not possible to create in the Higher levels of dimensionality. The only rule, if you want to call it a rule, is that it is created from Love!!! It must be created from Love. All that comes from Love is High Dimensional. Now I’m talking, of course, about unconditional, infinite, eternal Love, the same Love from which we are all made and which, as Ashtar**** just said, you have a rather generous amount of, even within your human bodies! Why? Because you’re Lightworkers! You came for this purpose and you are fulfilling it. We are doing this together! It is not just us coming from the, you might say, permanent resident status in the Higher Realms. It is YOU! Without you this would not be happening on Planet Earth!!!



So stay High! Create your visions from that Perspective. Bring yourselves up High. Come into your Hearts if you face a challenge and let it transmute from that place! It’s much easier to do that, than it is to get down into the lower levels, the lower vibrations, and try to work with it there. Just come right up into your Hearts, where you have that Perspective, and then transmute everything that you might see or feel that isn’t Love and Light by putting the Light of Love on it!



I know that sometimes it is difficult or more challenging than at other times, and if you seem to come up against a roadblock, you know that I have already offered you the Violet Ray of Transmutation. You have the Sword Excalibur of Archangel Michael to wave, so that you can always see the Truth – the real Truth – in everything that you want to look at. You have Sananda’s teachings of Light-ing up the entirety of yourselves – if you have not done that, you might want to learn that process as well!***** You have your guides and you have your Managing Director, which is your Higher Dimensional Self!


“因此,调整,提升,让我们一起翱翔进入黄金时代,进入你回家庆典!这就是 NESARA 为你们每个人,以及为整个行星地球所开启的! 所以我感谢你,从我的心到你的心,我思索–实际上是邀请–来谈论 NESARA 的高的层面, NESARA 的神圣方面以及它所带来的神圣治理中包含的内容–从你们自己开始,在社区、国家和地球上的所有地方聚集在一起!就是这样。合十礼 !”

“So tune in, lift up and let’s soar together into the Golden Age, and to your Homecoming celebrations! That is what NESARA opens up for each and every one of you and, indeed, all of Planet Earth!!! So I thank you, from my Heart to yours, for giving me the consideration – indeed the invitation – to come and speak of the High aspects of NESARA, the Divine aspects of NESARA and what is included in the Divine Governance it brings – beginning with yourselves, coming together in communities, in countries and on all of Planet Earth! And so it is. Namaste!”


t Germain: “What Divine Governance Really Is!!!”

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference – May 23, 2017*




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