Look forward to living a prosperous life





At every moment in this life you are expanding your experiences even when you feel things are moving slowly.It is from the larger perspective of spirit that you can see the rapid development you are making at finding a better way.Hold positive thoughts for yourself and your life and believe that it is indeed possible to create and this is an abundant time even if things currently seem scarce.




Remember your long term goals and choose a path that is consistent with what you wish to accomplish in this life.Take care to use your powers of discernment and go within.Do not accept everything at face value delve deeper and carefully weigh your options especially on the big decisions.Oftentimes if it is too good to be true it is and yet there are times when it is best to take the plunge and trust that you will land exactly where you want to be.The answers are within you learn to trust yourself and also trust the infinite power of spirit to help to guide your way.




The mantra for today is"I trust in the infinite power of spirit and together with my determination to create a better way we will succeed in creating an abundant life."




And so it is




You are dearly loved and supported always the angels and guides





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