Seek out the great potential of the Universe.





This is a time of major opportunityand this time aroundyour soul is telling you that this is something you simply must allow to unfold.The Universe has also seen to it that you will have the necessary energy to undertake this brilliant new direction.Trust in Universe and state clearly your intentionsand ask your angelsto make the path ahead bright to help guide you.You might be inspired by the angel of ideas or feel as if a huge gift just fell out of the sky and landed in front of you.Enjoy this energy and move into action.It's going to be excitingso off you goand don"t look back.





When you allow and let your life flowyou are more tuned into the synchronized events that are orchestrated by your entourage of light beings to help you fulfill your path and choices.This bodymindand soul connection is an important state to help you down the road that leads you onto the right path.See or sense yourself stepping on to this path and connecting to the vibration of synchronicity and allow for the great potential of all that is to manifest for you in big ways.





The Mantra for today is:"I embrace the possibilities and allow for the unfolding of the events as the great potential of the Universe provides unique and wonderful experiences for me."





And so it is





You are dearly loved and supportedalwaysthe angels and guides






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