新纪元扬升之光 2018-06-05


Sananda viaGalaxygirl, June 4th, 2018




Greetings friends! It is I, your Sananda.As I look upon my beloved friends and family from the bridge of the New Jerusalem,I am delighted and astonished at the rate of acceleration of both personal andcollective growth of you all in such a short amount of time. It is trulyexhilarating to witness and it is may privilege and honor to be of service atthis most critical juncture of your ascension and your evolution.




2000 years ago Earth was a dark void. Thatis why I was born into it, to seed the consciousness of humanity with the Christedlight codes that had been wiped out and genetically eliminated from your DNA.But that has been long resolved. For my DNA and Christed light energy work hasdone the trick in creating a seed and now a full tree has grown and multipliedso that now the dark void that I used to call my home is verdant and greenenergetically with the Christed light codes glowing from within, a pulsingverdant green of light.

2000 年前,地球是一个黑暗的实体。这就是为什么我会出生在这里,我用基督之光的编码给人类种下意识的种子,这些编码在那时已经被抹去,并从你们的 DNA 中清除了。但这一问题早已得到解决。因为我的 DNA 和基督之光的能量已经巧妙地创建出一个种子,而现在已经成长为一棵完整的树并且数量倍增,因此,过去我的家乡(地球)常被我称为是黑暗的,现在它是翠绿的,基督能量的光的编码正从其内部发出光,一种跳动的翠绿色光。



Green is healing you know. It is the colorof the heart, just as dear Mother Gaia’s name Earth is an anagram for Heart. Itis all the same. She is the planet of love, of life and of hard lessons learnedand learned most brilliantly! Look! See how you have grown, expanded into theangels of love light and mercy that you were destined to be! My friends, youhave fulfilled your promises to yourself and to to me and to the collective andoh, I am so proud of you! I am tearing up right now through this one as I seethrough misty eyes of love that dims the hard edges and blurs all out intolight and love – this is how I see you. Glowing, verdant, green, healed.


绿色是疗愈,这你们是知道的。它是心轮的颜色,正如亲爱的盖亚母亲的名字“ Earth” 是“ Heart” 的变位词,而含义都是相同的。她是爱的星球,是生命的星球,是学习艰难的功课和可以学到最精彩的东西的星球!看!看看你是如何成长的,如何成长为你注定要成为的爱与光和仁慈的天使的!我的朋友们,你们已经履行了对自己、对我和集体的承诺,哦,我为你感到骄傲!现在我已流下了眼泪,透过泪眼模糊的眼睛,看到爱正把一切坚硬的东西融化,成为了光与爱——这就是我所看到的你们。发着光,青翠的绿色的疗愈之光。



I am your Sananda! I am so in love withhumanity this day and every day. I am love, as are you, you are only in themidst of remembering. And some of you now have risen through your own exquisitetrials and tribulations that you had designed for yourselves to experience(hard to understand and accept I know) and you are growing now, thriving and theselessons cracked you open like a geode as this one likes to say, and has exposedyour beautiful crystalline codes within that are growing, increasing, andbecoming you, your new you; your crystalline you that is so stunninglybeautiful and strong, so much stronger. You are becoming your superhero self!Ha! This is so tremendously exciting, it is better than any movie that couldhave been dreamed up.




You the human collective is a mightycreative force. Your potential and your understandings for such things havebeen walled off from your grasp but for no longer. Intention is the key.Meditation is the key. Talking with your higher self, with me if you so choose,is the key. You have all the tools needed. Your crystal friends are becoming somuch stronger as well with the new glorious energy codes that are blastingthrough the darkness that once enshrouded you. No more! The light is blastingthrough, has cleared – and you transmuters have cleansed and cleared theenergetic dross that had suffocated you and the mother Gaia for far too long!





It is finished. And you friends, are thefinishers of this mighty intense marathon, and oh, we are all so very proud ofyou. Can you hear the applause and the cheers from behind me? Yes, we are allhere, and yes, we love you so much. You will begin to see more of our ships inthe sky dancing and cheering you on. For we are here, just cloaked, most of us.But we are here none the less. As humanity begins to ask the questions we willbegin to provide more clues and answers.





But you my friends, the relentlesslypatient ground team are the leaders of this, the way showers, gently seedingthe consciousness so that new questions are pondered and then asked. It is howit should be, that you who have worked so tirelessly should have the mostexciting job at the end. Ha! No eye rolling. You’ve got this. Only the bestqualified who applied got the job and well, here you are, my friends! Readingthis means that you have all the feathers in your cap and badges on youruniform required to do these things. Just wrap everything in love and you’re befine. Love is the answer. It is the key that unlocks the miracles of life andof the mysteries of the world around you.




I love you. I am your Sananda! Now beencouraged! You have won the race! Now is the process of cleaning up andexplaining to the others that they were in a race to begin with. No problem,right? I am always here for you. I love you. I am always available forconsultation. It is my joy to talk with you this day and everyday. Blessingsupon you this day and everyday.




~ galaxygirl




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