Click to follow Londoners have been left scratching their heads after mysterious"black hole"clouds appeared above the capital.


神秘的 " 黑洞 " 云层在伦敦上空出现后,伦敦人一直在挠头。


The unusual cloud formation had been spotted in over London this morning,at about 8.30am,after Londoners had enjoyed sizzling temperatures the day before.


今天早上 8:30 左右,在伦敦上空发现了这种不同寻常的云层形成,此前一天伦敦人享受了高温天气。


Incredible photos showed huge"dents"in the clouds,with one witness describing it as looking"like peaks of whipped meringues".


令人难以置信的照片显示,云层上出现了巨大的 " 凹痕 " ,一名目击者形容它看起来 " 像是被鞭打的蛋白甜饼的顶峰 "


Another viewer,who spied the cloud formation over Thornton Heath,Croydon,said the"creepy"cloud looked like a black hole.


另一位观察者发现了克罗伊登桑顿荒地上空的云层,他说这个 " 令人毛骨悚然 " 的云层看起来像一个黑洞。


According to the Met Office the strange formation looked like Asperitas clouds,which translates approximately as"roughness".


根据英国气象局的说法,这个奇怪的形成物看起来像北极星云,大致翻译过来就是 " 粗糙 "


Characterised as looking dark and storm-like,the ominous looking clouds are common in the United States and typically seen after thunderstorms.





takes the appearance of rippling waves.


英国气象局表示 :"Asperitas( 以前被称为 undulaatus Asperitas) 是一种独特但相对罕见的云形成物,呈现出波浪状的外观。


"These wave-like structures form on the underside of the cloud to makes it look like a rough sea surface when viewed from below."


" 这些波浪状的结构形成于云层的下面,从下面观看,它看起来像一个粗糙的海面。 "



Forecasters added that although the cloud formation can appear after thunderstorms,it can also be brought on by"calm environments"


气象预报员补充说,虽然雷暴之后会形成云层,但是 " 平静的环境 " 也会带来云层的形成。










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