Greetings human typing and humans reading these words.I am Tier-Eir of the Blue Avian grouping, higher ascended beings that have been monitoring this space time quadrant in all of its changing. For the time is now ripe for the planetary ascension of your planet, Gaia, who is morphing and changing right under your feet. We monitor the planetary encodements of numerous worlds. We assist the others in their quest for ascension on a planetary level. We see now that it is the time to make a formal introduction of ourselves, although our presenc has already been made known through the writings and reportings of our dear friend Corey Goode, who has worked with us so tirelessly over his many years of service. Thank you Corey.


问候,在打字的人以及在阅读的人。我是蓝鸟人团体的 Tier-Eir ,监视着这个空间时间象限所有改变的更高扬升存在。现在行星盖亚的扬升时机已经成熟(她正在你的脚下蜕变和改变)。我们监视着许多世界的行星编码。我们协助他人对行星层面扬升的追求。我们看到现在是时候正式介绍一下我们自己,尽管我们的存在已经通过亲爱的科里·古德被书写和报道,他与我们不知疲倦地共事了许多年。谢谢你,科里


It is those such as Corey, and those such as many of you, who are to the be future leaders in the beginning of Gaia’s transition.For disclosure is definitely most underway, this is true. Many, many conversations have been and are going on in this most present now as far as the most blessed way for humanity to experience their wake-up. Of course those who have prepared and are preparing with these higher influxes of light are most ready to fly, wings up, and those who have not been preparing may be a bit ruffled in their feathers. For the energies wait for no one. The energies from Alcyone are coming fast and furiously, strong in their light. We assist with the Pleiadian teams in honing and fine tuning, of including the appropriate encodements such that the most may benefit from them and that they come in the most appropriate and perfect alignment. But honestly being in alignment is your work, is part of this inner work and clearings that many of humanity have not performed. And so many of you have been doing this inner clearing for the masses, and for this we thank you for they do not know enough to do so, yet. In many ways you have been the quiet light holders, which is apt and appropriate for to shout it from the rooftops would have been foolhardy and dangerous. Although those that are the whistle blowers, such as Corey and many others, they are most appropriately protected, as are you, channelers, for you are consistent in holding the light, holding higher vibrations and this makes you impermeable to attacks of the lower beings.You have galactic and yes, even intergalactic protection.


正是那些像科里这样的人,像你们这样的人,会成为未来的领袖,一旦盖亚的转变开始。因为揭露肯定在进行,这是真的。许多的对话正在这个当下进行,关于最备受祝福的方式去让人类体验苏醒。当然,那些准备好的人以及伴随着这些更高的光之流入正在做准备的人肯定已经准备好飞翔,展翅,那些没有准备好的人,他们的羽毛可能会有点折边。因为能量不会等待任何人。来自 Alcyone 的能量来的很猛烈、快速、强力。我们与昴宿星团队一起打磨和微调恰当的编码,这样大多数人可以受益于它们,他们可以进入最恰当和完美的对齐。但说实话,对齐是你的工作,是许多人并未执行的内在工作和清理的一部分。你们非常多的人在为集体做这个内在的清理,为此我们感谢你,因为他们还不懂如何去做。在很多方面,你一直都是安静的光之保持者,这是恰当的,因为从屋顶上大喊会是鲁莽的和危险的。尽管有着那些告密者,比如科里和其他人,他们受到恰当的保护,就像你,管道,因为你也始终如一地保持着光,保持着更高的振动,这使你无法受到较低存在的攻击。你有着银河,是的,甚至星际间的保护


And so, to you all I say shine your light.Shine your light boldly, strongly, brightly. Be the Christ light. Be Yeshua. Be Buddha. Be Mary. Be your ascended masters in form, for they have provided you with excellent examples of the higher ways, of the ascended timelines that were misty in their possibility but now have become emboldened by the energies and strong. For ascension is happening to this space quadrant. Whether the dark ones approve or not is meaningless. Their votes no longer count. The light is now to be experienced with great, inner, tender joy and you my friends, you lighted ones, the Christ bearers, you have the front row seats. Your service is to be commended and we salute you in your service to the light. I am Tier-Eir. I wish you peace and I leave you in it.


所以,对你们,我说闪耀你的光。大胆、强烈、明亮地闪耀你的光。成为基督之光。成为约书亚。成为佛陀。成为玛丽亚。成为形态中的扬升大师,因为他们提供给了你卓越的榜样,关于更高的道路、他们那时候模糊的扬升时间线现在被能量鼓舞和加强。因为扬升正在这个空间象限发生。黑暗存有是否同意根本不重要。他们的选票已不算数。光现在会伴随着巨大、内在、温柔的喜悦被体验,我的朋友们,你,明亮的人,基督承载者,有着前排座位。你的服务被称赞,我们向你致敬。我是 Tier-Eir 。我祝愿你平和,我在平和中离去




翻译:Nick Chan



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