During times of massive transformation, you may experience multiple waves of energies, one after another, as what requires attention comes to the surface.


It may feel somewhat like being tumbled by strong waves in the ocean, where just as you are trying to right yourself from one strong wave, another washes over you. What we wish for you to consider is in order to get out of the crashing surf to help others you must find your balance point first.


One of the wonderful connection points between you and the vast majority of others is that you all want change. What is differing is how you think the best way is to effect that change. Please know approaches will be as vast and varied as your own individual spiritual paths that reflect what you wish to experience and your soul agendas.


But the main key to all empowered change is that it comes from a space of balance, of mindfulness, and a desire for the betterment and support of all. That is what you are in the throes of discovering and creating, both individually and collectively, and much will change from your efforts, for the time of transformation is here. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




翻译:Nick Chan






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