The solstices pulses are anchored into Gaia bringing in a balance: the perception is dawning to every one that there is a much bigger picture; all souls are NOW anchored into the 5th D grid with Gaia, solar system, galaxy’s and local universe. It’s done!


至日的脉冲被锚定到盖亚带来了一个平衡:有着一个更大的画面这个感知正降临每个人;现在所有的灵魂和盖亚、太阳系、银河系以及本地宇宙一起锚定到了 5D 网格。它已经完成!


There is still six weeks to the 888 Lion Gate portal, during this time the core anchoring will grow exponentially when it will be uniquely planted into every soul, molecule and atom down to the smallest at the time of the Lion Gate.


还有 6 个星期就到 888 狮子门户,在这段时间,核心锚定会以指数地成长,它会被独特地播种到每个灵魂、分子和原子直至最小的元素,在狮子门时刻


It gives a way to create a new path bring the energy into harmony with the resonation of Gaia’s new frequency; we are ALL part of the grand plan and each one is important to its success its happening on many levels of the multi Dimensions of the divine light. Thank you. Be love; Be light; Be happy.




光之委员会 20180604 至日的脉冲

通灵:Barbara Neville

翻译:Nick Chan



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