Beloved, yes, I know, that life is not always a simple matter to you of receiving instruction, reading a days Heavenletter, and, voila, your life is suddenly changed into a new perfection. Once in a while, you do see your life indelibly changed. However, not by a long shot is this your everyday experience, yet you keep growing toward this.


Through living life on Earth, your view of life changes. Life teaches you one thing or another. No matter how many times you may stumble, life will update you. The same you who enters life (which you may well see as the fray) isnt the same you as you once thought you were.


You learn something every day. And one day, all your threads of learning come together and dawn on you.


We can consider that you are steel, and life is tempering you. Of course, you are far more than steel. You are gold, and you are gold being refined and redefined.


In truth, you do enter Earth life as pure gold, and, as pure gold, you also leave.


This may bring up the question in your heart: Does your Soul also grow along with you?


We can put it this way: Your Soul grows to become more aware of its truth. Yes, the Soul is more aware of its Vastness. At the same time, your personality grows to become less aware of its importance. You also become aware that your ego becomes subdued. Ego has had its day in court and humbly withdraws from its prepossession with itself.


Now, back to the image of you as tempered steel tempering means pounded. A hammer tempers steel. The process is not seen as nice as slipping into the ocean for a pleasant dive as if you are a duck taking to water. You tend to experience upheaval in your life. This is the hard-tempering process.


We can also look at this process as if you are toothpaste, and you are squeezed daily through a tube. There comes the one day, however, when you are finished. What might this finished being look like? How do you appear?


One day you step out of the ocean as sparkling Golden Light as if you had never been anything else. From Golden Light to Golden Light, you transmute into a true image of yourself. One day you step out of the cooling waters, and now you are what you were all along an Enlightened Being.


In plain language, what does this actually mean?


It means you are no longer hit or miss. You are not reactive or red in the face as to what any Tom, Dick, or Harry may make of you. Your feathers just do not get so ruffled. You become more true to thine Own Self. Being more true to thine Own Self means you are more true to Me. Yes, this is the true state of affairs. A whole filter has changed into technicolor even as technicolor was always the true state of your existence. Beloved, now you are becalmed on the shoals of life with Me.


You are back Home with Me. The Prodigal Son has returned. It is simple. It is so simple, yet it seems to you to take forever, yet time doesnt enter into it. You and I enter into it. Eternity, which is timeless, enters into it. We can say that, for old times sake, We are renewed forever as One.


What do I say to you? I say: Welcome, Sleepyhead. Finally, you awake. Now stay with Me, and never again imagine that you are anywhere else but here with Me.


In your estimation, its not fun to grow to a higher approach to life, yet this is happening, and it is happening to you. There comes a day when a tube of toothpaste is squeezed dry, and here you are with Me.





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