Prior to the year 2012 there was a directed suppression to mankind's development.There has been a spiritual war that has been raging prior to the year of 2012.I've wrote lots on this time which is called the Precession of the Equinox and Mankind's push to it's Awakening brought on by the extremely high frequencies of the Photon Belt.The year 2012 is when all this happened to me before this year I knew none of this.


2012 年之前,人类的发展受到了直接的压制。在 2012 年之前,一直有一场精神战争在肆虐。我已经写了很多关于这个时间的文章,这个时间被称为昼夜平分点的岁差,以及由光子带极高频率带来的人类对它觉醒的推动。 2012 年,这一切都发生在我身上,而今年之前,我对此一无所知。


The ones on their Ascension path leading to this Grand Awakening has had everything thrown at them by the resistance in an effort to prevent you from advancing this far.The strongest ones are/were their ultimate target.Many of you have been spied upon,tracked and targeted.




Since 2012 everything has been ramped up and everything is being thrown at you this is to propel you forward.Remember,nothing evolves and progresses that remains stagnant.There has been special attention to the stronger ones by the resistance trying to hold you back.These are the Dark minions that have controlled Earth and its inhabitants for thousands of years.


2012 年以来,一切都已经提高,一切都抛向你,这是推动你前进。记住,没有什么是停滞不前的进化和进步。有一种特别的注意力被试图阻止你前进的反抗力量给了那些更强大的。这些黑暗奴才控制了地球及其居民数千年。


These Dark minions know who you are and know your capabilities upon you entering this lifetime.In 2012 the main Dark energies were lifted from Earth diminishing the old timeline only leaving the weakened to continue this 3D facade of the programmed Matrix.


这些黑暗奴才知道你们是谁,也知道你们进入此生时的能力。在 2012 年,主要的黑暗能量从地球上被解除,减少了旧的时间线,只留下削弱继续这个编程矩阵的 3D 空间。


As you are noticing the mundane programming of the heavy 3D reality is unraveling at an increasing speed.Any experiences since 2012 was necessary for your training.They were lessons.It was all to make you aware of how the current global systems unjustly work.You have been made aware of how these systems we're actually designed to strip you of your rights and control you.These were intentional acts of suppression to make you servants of an enslavement system.This was NOT the plan for mankind at the time of our creation!


当你注意到沉重的 3D 实相的世俗编程正以越来越快的速度解开。 2012 年以来的任何经历对你的培训都是必要的。这些都是教训。这一切都是为了让你们意识到当前的全球体系是如何不公正地运作的。你们已经意识到我们设计的这些系统实际上是为了剥夺你们的权利和控制你们。这些都是蓄意的镇压行为,目的是使你们成为奴役制度的奴隶。在我们被创造的时候,这不是人类的计划!


Since 2012 the Awakening of Mankind has been fast-tracked at an extremely intense level.These changes are happening at the energy level.This new energy is what's bringing change which is embedding itself in the human consciousness.It will be like a wave across the planet and there will be no stopping it.The old directive is on its way out and this new energy level will ensure the safe transition of humanity.


2012 年以来,人类的觉醒已经进入了一个极其紧张的阶段。这些变化都发生在能量层面上。这种新的能量正在带来改变,这种改变正嵌入到人类的意识中。它将像一个横跨地球的波浪,没有什么可以阻止它。旧的指令即将过时,这个新的能量水平将确保人类的安全过渡。


Mankind needs to realize that this Human Awakening that's happening is due to the activation of our DNA brought on by these higher energies since 2012.We began getting hit by low,negative charged pulses at first to prepare those who were not awake to get ready for the next round of activations.Because think about it if the unawakened were to get hit by extremely high frequencies right away their physical bodies could not withstand it and on the mental front would drive people insane.This is the reason initially that these energies had to be sent extremely low to awaken the sleeping population.Baby steps...


人类需要认识到这种人类觉醒的发生是由于自 2012 年以来这些更高能量带来的我们 DNA 的激活。起初,我们开始受到低负电荷脉冲的打击,以便那些没有醒来的人为下一轮激活做准备。因为想象一下,如果未觉醒者立刻受到极高频率的打击,他们的身体无法承受,而在精神层面上,他们会让人发疯。这就是为什么最初这些能量必须被发送到极低的水平才能唤醒沉睡的人群。慢慢来 ..


These low,negative impulses allowed for the unawakened to be able to handle physically and mentally the triggering of events brought on by these activations.I personally believe we are at the end of this negative charge period.As Mankind keeps advancing you are seeing and being contacted by divine beings that you would have never been able to comprehend before,you are beginning to receive messages that you have never been able to receive before.




The content that you will be receiving as you advance we'll get more valuable and will suit you at this time and will continue to advance.As the Light grows brighter the clarity of the message will become more and more apparent.Onward we go...🙌


随着您的进步,您将收到的内容,我们将获得更多的价值,并将适合您在这个时候,并将继续前进。随着光变得越来越明亮,信息的清晰度将变得越来越明显。我们继续前进 ..




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