Dear Ones,


The future likely seems bleak and unrewarding. As if all of your fears are bundled into an image of sacrifice. That there is little more to look forward to than more sacrifice and fear.


Of course, such is not true. But despite the multitude of channeled prophecies to the contrary, you can only envision that which you have known.


That which you have known will not be again. But what will? That is your fear. For you cannot sense or see anything but despair.


Some sense an urge to move forward with new thoughts and beliefs. But they have not yet permeated the majority of the earth’s population. Such will happen – more rapidly than you can imagine, just as was true for this COVID-19 halt to 3D life. But because all that is happening in your world feels surreal, you do not yet have the energy to move beyond that pain.

一些人感到一个敦促去伴随着新的想法和信念前进。但它们还未渗透绝大多数人。这会发生 --- 比你可以想象的更快,就像这个病毒让 3D 生活如此快速地停止。但因为所有正在发生的事情感觉起来超现实,你还未有能量去超越这个痛苦

You will have the need to do so in the near future. In truth, you will initiate that new belief/thought process in the next few days. For the energies permeating your world now are of future plans instead of former needs. It will be as if a switch has been turned on within you that knows, “Yes, that was uncomfortable but necessary for us to achieve this new life.”

在不久的将来你会需要去这么做。事实上,你会在接下来的几天启动那个新的信念 / 思想进程。因为现在渗透地球的能量是为未来打算的,而不是为先前的需求。就好像你之内的一个开关被打开,你会明白:“是的,这是不舒适的但是获得新生活所需的”

In 3D, shifts of that magnitude required decades of processing. Such is no longer true. For just as this virus seemingly happened in an instant, so too will the world shift from 3D beliefs to beyond what is now known.

3D ,如此量级的转变需要几十年的发展。这不再如此。因为就像病毒看似在瞬间发生,所以世界从 3D 信念转变超越现在的所知也会一样

In a natural disaster, survival is the initial focus. Then the rebuilding begins. So it will be for you in the next few days. The difference is your need to rebuild will be more rapid than you now imagine, and unlike anything, you experienced in 3D.

在一个自然灾害中,生存是最初的焦点。然后重建开始。所以在接下来的几天你就会是这样。不同的是你的重建会比你现在现象的更快,不像你在 3D 中体验的任何东西

You are a new being in a new world. So it is that what was is no more, including your thoughts and beliefs. It is the difference between believing an eclipse is the end of the world to a scientific review of why eclipses occur and when. The difference between fear and knowledge.


In the next few days, you will begin to have inklings of interest areas you have not yet imagined. And this virus downtime will seem perfect for your new thoughts and actions.


Until now, you have basically attempted to fit your 3D world into a new normal. Granted, you might have spent more time with family, friends, or work via your electronics or within your household. Time and energy exchanges that made you feel grateful for this new normal. But throughout this time, you have also been preparing to jump forward with no forward to jump to. Like a racehorse at a starting gate that never opens.

直到现在,你基本上就是在试图让你的 3D 世界融入一个新的常态。当然,你可能花费更多的时间与家人、朋友相处,或者通过电子产品工作或在家里工作。时间和能量的交换让你感激这个新的常态。但贯穿这个时刻,你也在准备着向前跳跃到没有地方可以跳跃的地方。就像一匹赛马处于永远不会打开闸门的起跑点

Your nervous energy that has been building for the past few weeks will finally feel appropriate as you discover a new dimension of yourself. A dimension that is about change – your new life in your new world. It will be as if a light switch has been turned on.

你在过去几周建立的紧张情绪会最终感觉恰当,随着你发现一个新的维度。一个就要改变的维度 --- 在你新世界中的新生活。就像一盏灯被打开了

Indicators that such is so might include wide emotional swings, sleeplessness, overwhelming fear, and anger. For you are now so filled with the new energy that you are about to burst. Because you do not understand what this new energy is, you are reverting to 3D knowingness. Which is similar to a teenager taking their infant rattle on a date for security.

展现就是如此的指示包含广泛的情绪波动、失眠、压倒性的恐惧和愤怒。因为你现在充满了新能量,你就要爆发。因为你并不明白这个新能量是什么,你在重新回到 3D 的知晓。這就好比一個青少年為了安全起見,拿著他們的嬰兒搖鈴去約會。

You are no longer the you of even one month ago. For the recent energies pummeling the earth, have shifted all. Perhaps it will help you envision the change that is starting this week if you think of someone in a deep sleep slowly awakening and not entirely certain if they are dreaming or awake. For even though your awakening will happen in the next few days, you will need to remove the sleep from your eyes before you see your new life.


For now, you see a world of masks and fear. By the end of this week, you will have a glimmer of possibilities that do not include anger and fear. Within a couple of weeks, you will be walking tall in your new being, knowing without a doubt that you are a new being in a new world surrounded by millions of like-minded people.


Such does not mean that all will think and act the same. There will be millions of different thoughts and actions. But your thoughts and actions will feel right, safe, and yes, fun. For this is the new world, and you are a new being in that new world.


Perhaps you wonder how those fully of 3D will respond as you move forward in your new world. We do not wish to promote an us and them barrier in your new world. But those, fully of 3D, will experience a great deal of fear as they realize they no longer have a pulse on the fears of the people. So it is those fully of 3D will remain enmeshed in fear as you move into your joy. So be it. Amen.

也许你想知道那些完全从属于 3D 的人会如何响应,随着你在新世界中前进。我们不希望在你的新世界中推动一个我们和他们之间的栏栅。但那些,完全从属于 3D 的人,会体验巨大的恐惧,随着他们意识到,他们在人们的恐惧上无法再感到一个脉搏。所以那些完全从属于 3D 的人会依旧沉浸于恐惧当中,随着你进入你的喜悦。就是如此



传导:Brenda Hoffman

翻译:Nick Chan



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