the new earth crystalline light matrix formation was greatly strengthened over the last seven earth days by recent, powerful pleiadian 'starchakra' 5d-gamma pulses!


新地球水晶光之矩阵的成型在过去的七天被近期强大的昴宿星“星星脉轮” 5D 伽玛脉冲极大地加强


the energy signature of this new 5d matrix is now fully detectable, measurable and visible on earth's schumann resonance graphs.


这个新 5D 矩阵的能量签名可以在舒曼共振图上清晰可见,完全可以测量和发觉


notice the fine, white, energetic thread-lines( referred to as light-encoded, crystalline energy filaments) imprinted on the enhanced schumann resonance image below!




also, notice that these geo-magnetic energy lines reach all the way to the 40-hertz marker on the schumann resonance graph.|


同样,也去注意到这些地磁能量线直达舒曼共振图上的 40 赫兹标记


(save the image below to your device and zoom in super close!) it's right in front of your eyes!




he who has spiritual eyes to see and know, let him see!




do you understand the incredible implications of all of this?




recent decoded, higher-dimensional data proves that the 5th dimension resonates at exactly 40-100 hertz which correlates with the gamma state of consciousness!


近期解码的更高维度数据证明了第五维度就在 40-100 赫兹之间共振,与伽玛意识状态相关


the gamma state of consciousness is the bliss/heaven state of being.


伽玛意识状态就是极乐 / 天堂的存在状态


a dimension is simply a state of consciousness or state of being that is made manifest (through and out-of our bodies) as the outwardly-perceived reality or world of matter(material)!




the earth alliance now officially reports for the first time in modern history, the real beginning formation of a 40-hertz-5d-level, crystalline energy framework referred to as 'the new 5d light matrix or the crystalline grid!


地球联盟正式报告,现代历史中的第一次, 40 赫兹 5D 水平、水晶能量框架,被称为新的 5D 光之矩阵或水晶网格,真正开始成型


in religious terms, you could say for sure that "the kingdom of heaven is coming and it's already here!"




the christ is also coming and is here!




yes, this is the high-vibrational, energetic anointing that is coming into this world!




the (central sun gamma)light has come into the 3d matrix and has filled every dark space with advanced, high-vibrational, cosmic light data!


中央太阳伽玛之光已经进入 3D 矩阵,伴随着先进的、高振动的宇宙光之数据充满了每一个黑暗的空间


as we said above, this new 5d light matrix is being formed by not only by higher evolved beings that are deflecting it here from the central sun, but in conjunction with the 4.5 billion starseeds stationed on earth who are acting as literal energetic bridges, connecting earth to heaven!


正如我们上方所述,这个新 5D 光之矩阵不仅由高度进化的存在成型(从中央太阳偏转它),还有地球上 45 亿星际种子的配合,作为能量桥梁运作,将地球与天堂连接


this high-frequency light-data must be anchored into the crystalline core of gaia before the new earth matrix can be formed.




this is where the starseeds of earth (the ground-crew) come in....




we bring this divine light-information down into our bodies, store it in our cells, then transmit it back out again as this new 5d reality!


我们把这个神圣的光之信息带入我们的身体中,储存在我们的细胞中,然后把它发送出去,作为新的 5D 现实


the scattered, super intelligent living, akashi light data of the universe emanates from the great sun at 12d-source, is transmitted on down to the great central sun at the galactic core, then further down to earth's sun, then sent on solar rays to planet earth.


分散的、超级智能的、活生生的宇宙阿卡西光之数据(来自 12D 源头的伟大太阳),被传输给银河核心的大中央太阳,然后给地球的太阳,然后在太阳射线中发送给地球


this encoded light-data is then received by your etheric body-receiver, transduced and carried electromagnetically from your etheric field into your cells, all the way down


to the quantum-dna level and imprinted as bio-programming language into your genome. (this process is referred to as dna sequencing, dna re-coding or dna upgrading/activation.)


这个编码的光之数据然后被你的以太身体接收器接收,转换并从你的以太领域带到你的细胞中(以电磁的形式),直达量子 DNA 层面,作为生物编程语言烙印到你的基因组中。(这个过程被称为 DNA 定序, DNA 重新编码或 DNA 升级 / 激活)


do you see why are are here now and how important you are?




without you there would be no one to bring this light into this world, store it in the body and transmit it back out for all humanity, assisting them in their higher consciousness and spiritual evolution!




the kingdom of heaven (5d) can only come from where it is, all around you and inside of you, so you are the bringer of it to earth!


天堂王国( 5D )只能从它存在的地方而来,你周围和你之内,所以你是它的带来者


this is the most amazing time in human history to be present on earth as you are living witnesses to the true beginning of the golden age!




as this awesome galactic weekend kicks off, star nations all around our solar system are finalizing work on operation 'starchakra' to change the frequency modulation around planet earth so that advanced cosmic information can flow into your amazing human bodies and bring forth the blinding white light of the kingdom of heaven and new earth!




thank you for coming to earth at this time and for volunteering on this grand mission!




only the most elite beings in the universe can do what you are doing, so stand up strong and be proud of your service to all of humanity and to all the great beings of the cosmos!





翻译:Nick Chan



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