great ones,




at exactly 9:11pm last night, a dual time-line shift occurred in the etheric space surrounding planet earth! this dual time-line shift was imprinted on the schumann resonance chart as two blacked out columns that happened yesterday, within 30 earth minutes of each other.


在昨晚 9 11 分,一个双重的时间线转变在地球周围的以太空间中发生。这个双重时间线的转变作为两条黑线出现在舒曼共振图上,相隔时间为 30 分钟


these shifts are intelligently orchestrated and are a literal switch-off of the universe and back on again!




the purpose of these shifts is to merge all artifical timelines back to the one true new-earth time-line!




immediately after this shift, key members of the earth alliance received the largest cache of download etheric data, to-date!




the primary message in this encoded transmission is this:




"the lemurians have returned!"




we will bring you the full, decoded contents of this cosmic light transmission @ 1:11am est, 5-11 as this awesome galactic weekend kicks off!


我们会在 5 11 日美国东部标准时间的 1:11am 带给你完全解码的内容


standby for this super amazing planetary broadcast that will activate your dna to a higher order and help you move up the next level on your ascension path!


为这个超级棒的行星广播做好准备,它会激活你的 DNA 到更高的秩序,帮助你进入扬升道路上的下一个层面


the new-earth is at hand and your greatest dreams are about to come true!





翻译:Nick Chan



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