Hello my beautiful brothers and sisters, this is Sananda who speaks.It is with ecstatic joy that I came through today via Angel to speak for a moment with you. Just like you our channels go through deep cleansings and processes, it is not always that the connection then is so clear, so it is with great joy that I now come through Angel again –*holding out his arms in a loving and embracing gesture*.




Have you seen dear brothers and sisters, what a fantastic time it is on Earth? How I rejoice over seeing this, the light that daily is growing with you and drives youthrough the densest layers of illusion stored in your cell memories, bodies and consciousness. It is like seeing a seed finally grow on a dry piece of land and grow strong and regal –*tears of joy*.




Beautiful strong and regal souls, my love for you is as eternal that you are yourselves and I long for the day you yourselves again has integrated your whole truth in your being, when we united in one beating heartbeat love, play and act together again.For too long we have been separate, even if never, as we together always exist in the same cells, times, memories, experiences and breath.




You are secure, you are in truth, you are eternal, you are infinite and you are loved –loved unconditionally. There is nothing you need to do or not do as my love is your pain, your sorrow, your mistake, your guilt, your shame, your fear and your happiness, your successes, your joy and your laughter.Breath out and rest in this truth.




The time when battle was the way of the light is gone, the light of love is now leading you forward on the path of God, God’s plan. There is nothing to fear, these are natural processes where the seed germinates and push through the hard and dry ground and grow strong and regal. Nothing can stop nature’s path.The Ascension is nature’s path, the Universe pace of contraction, expansion –breath out and in. And the time is now here for Earth to blossom in a blossoming field of a kind never before seen on Earth.




Do you understand brothers and sisters? There is no outer resistance to battle with. The dry and hard ground is cracking in a natural way with the increased power of nature. The nature is growing from inside and out, driven by the purest of light –the rhythm of love and eternity. Let loose, let go of your resistance and fall into this eternally existing rhythm within yourselves. Fall into this and dance smoothly through all of these hard and dry layers that so long have kept you under the surface and GROW, beautiful regal souls, GROW and come home to me again.




With my love, I love you!Sananda





通灵:Angel Skog

翻译:Nick Chan


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