Beloved, it could be meaningful to you when you are less vigilant against imperfect health. You may have claimed the unlawfulness of any digression from perfect health. You may have declared it illegal and, therefore, forbidden and most unwelcome. Yes, you strictly forbid less than perfect health. You will not allow it. It is derelict. In its disobedience to your will, it may become your topic of the day. Less than perfect health is an outlaw, a renegade, and you will forbid it at all costs. You are vehement about this.



Of course, you desire optimal health, yet it is also permissible for you to allow imperfect health more of its right to be less of a foe to you. Then you would not have to put up signs like: “STAY OUT! Anything less than good health, you are banished. Final notice.”



It may not be necessary for you to put this much energy into denying imperfect health its existence. Of course, you desire perfect health, yet when you forbid any shade less, you may also entrap imperfect health. You may hold onto it by its neck. You may make it uppermost in your life.



Naturally, you don’t want to make a bedfellow of illness or any of its lurking symptoms.



In your banishing less than perfect health, you may be giving your belief and discomfort in less than perfect health too much attention and belief in its power. You may sit it up next to you and wipe its brow and feed it your energy. You may give it so much energy that you strengthen its ability to secure your life. This outbreak that you declaim, you may be alert to pounce on day or night.



How about saying: “Hi, ya, to the good health you desire!”



It may not be the best idea to give that which you don’t want to attract so much of your attention. You could be encouraging it to make its dance of attendance on you more lively.



See what you can do to give this matter less significance in your life. Don’t make it a star. It does not have to occupy you so intensely.



Instead of what you don’t want being so untenable, when you deed less of your assertion on it, it may back away. It may not loom so large. It may move over and disappear. Hallelujah!



Will you consider this possibility? This is not a guarantee, yet you may increase the odds in your favor. There is indeed something to be said about taking your attention off which you say you do not want.



When you have an itch, you know how the more you scratch it, the itchier it becomes.



It could be that less than perfect health may see you watching its every move and interpret your attention as an invitation from you saying: “Come in, less than perfect health, put your feet up, and stay a while.”



When you keep swatting at something with a fly swatter, you may get its back up. It may see you as an outright challenge and fight you to the end. You understand this kind of determination because this is how you feel. By golly, you will stomp out imperfect health. Out, out, out!



Rather than fighting a war against its existence, might you cultivate an atmosphere in which that what you don’t want can more easily leave without so much as a glance over its shoulder?






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