My beloved children, and when I say this, I speak not to the grown ups, but to the children of the planet. You are truly among the bravest and the purest of souls.


You have ventured into physical birth – a first for very many of you – to help this precious planet ascend and take her rightful place as a spiritually evolved home for spiritually evolved souls.

你冒险进入物理身体 --- 你们许多人是第一次 --- 来帮助这个宝贵的星球扬升,拾起她的理应之地 --- 精神上先进的灵魂精神上先进的家

The barbarism and cruelty that is currently leaching out of all corners of life on earth is extremely difficult for your delicate psyches to endure. The cruelty, thoughtlessness, aggressive and, sometimes, barbarism that you are experiencing in your homes is even more difficult for your to endure.


You are not alone. You are never alone. A condition upon which you were allowed to incarnate was that you would have about you, at all times, a team – not just one guardian angel – but a small team of beings dedicated to you and your mission in this period.

你不孤单。你从未孤单。一个你化身时被允许的条件就是时时刻刻你都有着一个团队 --- 不只是一个守护天使 --- 而是一个小型团队被委派给你和你在这段时期中的使命

Your sleep is the most valuable, productive time in your day/night cycle. It is then that you are cleared of the energetics of the day, healed, reaffirmed and tutored, so that you can continue to shine your pure light, in the face of almost overwhelming odds.

你的睡眠是你日 / 夜周期中最宝贵、最富有成效的时间。你在睡眠的时候清理一天的能量、疗愈、重申、辅导,这样你可以继续闪耀你纯净的光,在面对几乎压倒性的“赔率”时

If you are feeling overwhelmed or underwhelmed, bored, angry, agonised or indifferent, optimistic or excited, all this is the result of your deep inner knowledge of the trajectory of planet. You were born with a blueprint for this time and for your role in it.


You are already creating true and profound energetic differences around you. Why do you think you have barely been affected by the current virus? It is because your energetic frequency is too high for it to affect you.


It is your pure, refined energy that is adding the ignition fuel to the current clearing process. Soon, this quarantine will end, truths will be revealed from which no one on the planet can hide, and it will feel as though the sewers are running through your streets and homes.


My precious children, it is your energy and your infinite love of humanity that will rapidly transform the pain, shock and horror that is to come into acceptance and forgiveness. Because you come from higher planes, compassion, forgiveness and understanding are the natural calibration of your soul’s DNA.

我宝贵的孩子们,你的能量和对人类无限的爱会迅速转变痛苦、震惊和恐怖,进入接纳和宽恕。因为你来自更高的平面,同情心、宽恕和理解是你灵魂 DNA 中的自然刻度

You will teach your parents and elders how to love unconditionally and how to forgive unconditionally, for many of them cannot do it without you. You came to teach, to show by example.


The moment when children are respected as wise beings, equal to adults, with voices that speak Truth, is soon to be upon you.


You are ready for this. This is the time for which you were born. As your loving Mother, I could not be more expansive about my love for each one of you, your teams and the magnificent work you are all undertaking.




传导:Jennifer Crokaert

翻译:Nick Chan

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