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1. 这份报告是星盘解读中人生目的的完整报告。

2. 报告由 Karen Downing 老师读取,经过同意分享给大家。

3. 解读人生目的需要提供准确的出生时间和出生地点





Midheaven in Gemini – The Midheavenshows us an important area of focus for our life purpose and career path.  Gemini is the sign of communication andworking with others. This can cover many different areas of life, but whateverarea of career focus that you choose, you will discover that you are inconstant communication with others. This is likely to show itself in acorporate environment, around many co-workers, and having to communicate withthem in order for you to be effective in your career. We will learn more as welook at the other important planets.





Part of Fortune 9th house in Gemini –The 9th house is all about higher education and concepts in spirituality. Whenyou combine this with Gemini, and look at the Part of Fortune, this placementindicates that you will benefit from a great deal of education before startingon your career path. Having a PhD degree would be ideal, but a Master’s degreewill also be acceptable. This placement indicates that a post-graduate degreeis a must for you. Gemini is the sign of communication, so a focus in businessmanagement, project management, human resources, or finance would all fit well.An ideal focus for your study would be about how to finance humanitarianefforts, non-profit organizations, NGOs, and other similar groups with a focusin helping the planet and her people.




9 宫是关于高等教育和灵性方面概念。当结合双子座,并着眼福点时,这个落点表明在开始你的职业道路之前如果接受许多教育你会从中受益。如果读一个博士学位那将是最理想的,但是如果读一个硕士学位也是可以接受的。这个落点表明对你来说研究生学位是必不可少的条件。双子座是一个沟通的星座,所以专注于商业管理、项目管理、人力资源或财务方面将都会很适合。对你来说一个理想的学习专注领域将会是如何为人道主义努力、非盈利组织、非政府组织以及其他类似的组织筹措资金,专注在帮助星球和星球上的人民。


North Node 2nd house in Libra -  The North Node acts like the compass point insomeone’s astrology chart. Here for you, it is pointing you toward learningabout finance, banking and investments. This is a highly likely area for you tohave for a future career, but in order for you to be successful, you will haveto balance the material with the spiritual. Libra is all about balance, and ifyou are out of balance toward either the material pursuits, or spiritualpursuits, then you will have many high and low points in this area of his life.Your North Node is helping you to learn that monetary pursuits can have animportant spiritual component, and when your heart is invested where your moneyis, then success will be achieved. However, if you are only pursuing materialgain without considering the spiritual energy investment (how you can give backto others in some way), then you will encounter challenges here.





South Node 8th house in Aries – TheSouth Node indicates what we have past life experience in doing before. This ishelpful to understand because we are drawn to incorporate elements of our pastlife knowledge into our life purpose now. This placement indicates that in pastlife experiences, you had family wealth available to you, and you were notrequired to work to earn an income. This may cause you some frustration in yourlife now, as you can repeat this pattern of wanting to put forth very littleeffort to achieve a big financial gain. Money came easily to you before, youdid not even have to think about it. But, in this lifetime, you will have highand low points with money. When you have time of low money, it will be verychallenging for you, but it also can be a great motivator to help youunderstand how you can help other people to not have to experience financiallack.





Saturn 3rd house in Scorpio (Retrograde)– Saturn is our teacher, helping us in areas where we have not been so strongin before. This reveals an element of our life purpose, because we are requiredto work on the lessons Saturn places in our life. This placement indicateslessons involving communication (3rd house) about other people’s money(Scorpio). Other people’s money is defined as money that is not earned by you,but that you have access to in some way. This can be insurance, investments,banking or other career paths that involve assisting other people ororganizations with managing their money. So, your Saturn is helping you tocommunicate to other people how best to manage their investments and finances.Likely, it will be easy for you to communicate to others when a financialwindfall is gained by their investments, but very difficult to communicate whenlosses are the result.





Pluto 5th house in Capricorn(Retrograde) – Pluto is where we are to transform ourselves and also use thatknowledge to transform the world. This placement indicates that Pluto isfocusing on your self-expression. This means you are needing to learn about whoyou are by the activities you take part in. This is often thought of only ascreative energy, but there is much more to self-expression. We can expressourselves in any task, to accomplish that, we must perform the task from theheart. With this in Capricorn, it tells us that success will arrive in yourlife, as long as what you spend your time and energy doing is aligned with hisheart. The more you work  and live fromthe heart, the more you will be able to teach others simply through your mannerof living life.





Life Purpose Summary: Look for a job inbanking/finance focusing on assisting money management for NGOs, orhumanitarian efforts.



寻找一份在银行业 / 金融方面的工作,专注在协助为非政府组织或人道主义努力的组织给管理金钱。



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