Beloved masters, during these times of accelerated transformation and chaotic change, two major, distinctive groups have formed among the races, religions and cultures of the world. These two factions are very distinguishable from our vantage point in the higher realms. Those who have faith in the future, and are striving in every way possible to make a better world for themselves and others have auric fields gleaming with Light, which extend outward in ever-widening circles, thereby affecting everything and everyone around them in a positive way. Many of you have become power transformers and sentinels for the influx of Divine Light that is seeking an anchoring source upon the Earth. As we have said many times, the powerful, transforming, full-spectrum Light is the Sacred Fire energy needed by the Earth and humanity to successfully transition from the dense, broad-spectrum duality of the lower dimensions into the Lightness and expanded freedom of the higher Fourth and Fifth Dimensions.

亲爱的大师,在这个加速转变和混乱的时期,两个主要的、与众不同的团体在所有种族、宗教、文化之中成型。这两个派别从更高领域来看非常容易区分。那些对未来有信心的人,在每一个可能的方式中努力创造一个更加美好的世界,为他们自己以及拥有闪闪发光的金场之人 --- 在不断扩张的圆圈中向外扩展,从而积极地影响他们周围的一切和每个人。你们许多人已经成为在地球上寻找一个锚定源头的神圣之光的变压器和哨兵。正如我们说过很多次的,强大的、转变性的、全光谱的光是地球和人类所需的神圣火焰能量以便从稠密的、广谱的较低维度的二元性成功转变到更高四维和五维的轻盈与扩张的自由

Miraculously for you, the faithful Souls who have your eyes and hearts focused on a bright, new future, your visions and dreams are coming true more quickly than you could ever imagine. Your intuitive abilities are becoming stronger and more accurate, and you are swiftly becoming proficient at mind-to-mind communication with your guides and teachers in the higher realms. Your manifestation skills are improving, for you know that you must faithfully adhere to the universal laws of supply. First, you must have a concise, clear seed thought of what you desire to manifest (this is accomplished by using the attributes of Divine Will, the First Ray from God, the Father). Second, you must solicit the assistance of your Higher Self and angelic helpers by stating, “I ask for this or something better for my greatest good and the most beneficial outcome for all.” You must also add the emotional, heart-felt fuel to your seed thoughts (this activity draws upon the attributes of the Second Ray, love and wisdom from our Mother God). Third, you must take the action needed to bring your dreams to fruition (this is applying the dynamic attributes of the Third Ray), thereby taking advantage of all the qualities, attributes and virtues of God Consciousness of the Third through Seventh Rays.

你是非凡的,忠诚的灵魂,你的心和眼睛专注着一个光明、新的未来,你的愿景和梦想在比你可以想象的更快地成真。你的直觉能力在变得更强,更准确,你在迅速精通与更高领域中的指导以及教师心灵感应交流。你的显化能力在提高,因为你知道你必须忠实地拥护宇宙供应法则。首先,你必须要有一个简明的、清晰的种子思想 --- 你渴望显化什么 --- 这通过使用来自神、父亲的神圣意志和第一道光的属性完成。其次,你必须征求你更高自我和天使助手的协助,通过说:“我为了自己最高的良善请求这个或某个更好的东西,为了所有人请求最有益的结果。”你还必须把情感、发自内心的燃料添加到你的种子思想中(这个行为将我们母神的第二道光属性、爱和智慧引出来)。第三,你必须采取所需的行动来实现你的梦想(这就是应用第三道光的动态属性),从而利用第三到第七道光的神之意识中所有的品质、属性和美德

Fear is the predominant emotion within the second, more predominant group, who are still stuck in the maelstrom of negativity within the mass consciousness belief structure. Fear of the future, fear of scarcity, the government, corporations, religious beliefs, different cultures, racial dogma, and even fear of God’s wrath. There is dislike and fear of those who look, think and act differently. And, most of all, there is fear of change. People fear; therefore, they criticize, judge and lash out in anger and frustration, thereby creating an even greater, stronger thought form of negativity and fear around them. These poor, disillusioned Souls are creating a stronger, ever-expanding vortex of negativity around themselves and their loved ones, thereby drawing to them those things they fear the most. They are caught in a web of self-fulfilling prophecy that reinforces their beliefs, which keeps them shackled to their illusionary world of suffering, scarcity and chaos.


One day, they too will lift their eyes and hearts to the heavens, and they will answer the whisperings of Spirit as they turn inward for the comfort and guidance of their Soul Self. However, as you are aware, a grand cosmic cycle is swiftly coming to a close; and the Earth is spiraling into a new position within the solar system regardless of who is ready to ascend with it or who is not. And so, my beloved Light Bearers, this is where you come in. This is your grand opportunity to SHINE YOUR LIGHT and SHARE YOUR VISION.


Yes, we hear and understand your protests. You think you are not good enough or wise enough to be an Light Worker who shows the Way. It frightens some of you so much that you want to withdraw and no longer make an effort to expand your awareness and claim your mastery.


This message is to assure you, beloveds, that you are already a teacher for those around you. You are teaching by example. You are teaching through your words and actions. You are teaching with every word you speak and every thought form you send out into the ethers. Your auric field affects the people around you in either a positive or negative way.


Are you radiating Love, faith, hope and freedom? Perhaps you are not adding to the fear and negativity; however, let us assure you, you cannot remain at a status quo or in the inertia of non-action. Universal Law demands that in order to maintain a constant influx of Creator Love/Light, it must flow into your physical vessel, through you as you take what you need, and then you are to radiate the remainder out to humanity and the Earth. This is an immutable, infallible law.


In past messages, we have explained to you how the Avatars, Ascended Masters, the Angelic Kingdom and the great Beings of Light, along with a swiftly expanding number of earthly Initiates on the Path, will be working together under the guidance of the Cosmic Council of Light to bring forth the advanced wisdom teachings for these unprecedented times of transformation and ascension. Make no mistake, all of you who are on the Path are teachers, whether in a formal manner or just by example, and what is needed most of all is your radiance and pure intention.


Remember, you magnetize energy to you, and you radiate energy from your Solar Power Center (front and back). As your Energetic Signature becomes more refined and is attuned to the higher frequencies of Light, you will still draw forth a portion of the half-spectrum, Primal Life Force substance as long as you are still in a Third- and Fourth-Dimensional environment. However, it will mix and meld with the higher frequency Adamantine Particles of Light, and it will be automatically transformed by your loving intention into higher frequency energy as you align your free will with the Will of our Father/Mother God.


You are the ones who must be the receptacles and transformers of the Divine Light from the Supreme Creator, which is filtered down to you from our Father/Mother God. Just as our beloved Universal Parents reduce and filter the Creator Light out into the galactic suns, which is then transduced out into and through the sun of your solar system, you are designed to filter the Light through yourselves. You must activate it with your unconditional love, and then radiate it out into the world. The only way you can become pure receptacles of the Light is to become Self-masters, and the only way you can do that is to become "en-Lighten-ed" via the wisdom teachings you have been offered. This requires that you integrate the upgraded cosmic principles into your lives so that you may become living examples and guiding Lights.


In order to become a living tributary for the River of Life, you must prepare yourselves to allow the Essence of Life to flow into and through you. You must use what you need, and then allow the remainder to flow forth, ready and available to be molded into wondrous new creations. In this way, you will become Bearers and Servers of the Light.


This is the ultimate message of all the teachings we have given you over these past years. This is the goal of Self-mastery. This is the way of Ascension.


Allow us to give you more thoughts to contemplate as you go about your daily life:


>> The enlightenment process begins when you shift your ego personality and outward-focused, left brain consciousness to incorporate your right brain, inward-focused, intuitive consciousness and you begin to listen to your Soul Self.

>> 启蒙进程在你转变小我和向外的专注,左脑意识融合右脑,向内专注,直觉的意识,你开始聆听你的灵魂自我时就会开始

>> New pathways in the brain are opened as you begin to unlock the Light Packets of wisdom and your history stored in the higher-dimensional levels of your Sacred Mind. The old pathways and painful memories of your Third- and Fourth-Dimensional past begin to fade, and you will find that it becomes more and more difficult to remember the failures and suffering of your past lives. Have we not told you that you are healing the past as you spiral into the future? You will remember who you are and your history, but only the positive, harmonious events.

>> 大脑中新的道路开启,随着你开始解锁智慧的光之数据包和你储存在神圣头脑更高维度层面中的历史。三维和四维过去的旧道路与痛苦的记忆开始消失,你会发现越来越难以想起过去的失败和痛苦。我们不是告诉过你当你螺旋进入未来你就在疗愈过去吗?你会忆起你是谁和你的历史,但只有积极的和谐的事件

>> The moment of awakening is when the Kundalini Fire ignites in the root chakra, and begins to move up the spinal column through the chakra system, thereby opening the Seven Seals of Higher Consciousness. The Medulla Oblongata or the Ascension Chakra, which is sometimes called the Mouth of God, is activated and the Pineal Gland begins to pulsate and function as it was originally designed to do. This in turn opens the crown chakra or the lotus of en-Lighten-ment at the top of the head, thereby connecting with the shining column of Light, which ultimately leads to a reunion with your God Self or I Am Presence. Once you make this connection you are forever changed. The empowerment of Spirit begins to flow through you as you begin to reclaim your mastery of Self along with the Godly gifts of your Divine heritage.

>> 觉醒的时刻就是昆达里尼火焰在海地轮被点燃,开始通过脉轮系统沿着脊椎向上,从而开启更高意识的 7 个封印。延髓或扬升脉轮,有时候被称为神的嘴巴,被激活,松果体开始脉动和运转,正如它最初被设计般。这反过来会开启顶轮或启蒙的莲花,位于头顶,从而与闪耀的光柱连接,最终会领向与你神之自我或我是存在的团聚。一旦你做出这个连接,你就永远改变了。圣灵的授权开始流经你,随着你开始重新宣称你的自我精通连同你神圣遗产的神圣礼物

>> You are returning to your natural state of Being, and you are reclaiming your cosmic consciousness as you refine and prepare to be the new prototype “Adams and Eves” of the new Golden Galaxy of the future.

>> 你在返回你自然的存在状态,你在重新宣称你的宇宙意识,随着你精炼并准备好成为未来新金色银河系的“亚当与夏娃”标准

>> You must seek to align with the many Facets of your Higher Self and always strive for the greatest good. You are no longer just an individual focused on your own welfare as you move deeper into the Oneness of Spirit. As you move into a state of harmlessness, you also move into a State of Grace, and this is when the magic begins. There will be a neurobiological restructuring of the brain, and you will eventually achieve an irreversible state of Cosmic Consciousness.

>> 你必须寻求与你更高自我的诸多面向对齐,总是为了最高的良善做事。你不再是一个只专注于自己利益的个体,随着你深入圣灵的合一。随着你进入一个无恶意的状态,你也进入了一个优雅的状态,这是魔法开始的时刻。会有一个神经生物学上的大脑重建,你最终会获得一个不可逆的宇宙意识状态

>> Be assured that enlightenment of the masses is possible in this lifetime, and each of you has an integral part to play in this grand drama.

>> 放心,集体的启蒙在此生是可能的,你们每个人都在这个盛大的戏剧中扮演着至关重要的角色

>> The Age of the Seventh Ray and the Violet Flame is a pivotal point within the process of evolution, whereby the Threefold Flame of God Consciousness dramatically accelerates its direct influence upon the Earth and humanity. As it accelerates, it spins or spirals downward via the Seventh Ray, and also upward from the great, ageless Violet Fires within the Earth. The refined frequency patterns of the five higher galactic Rays will then flow outward from within the heart centers of you, the en-Lighten-ed Light Bearers, encompassing the world, and affecting the consciousness of all humanity. This Divine Elixir of Cosmic Fire is created by the merging into oneness of the Blue Flame of Divine Will of the Father with the Pink Flame of Divine Love of the Goddess, along with the radiant Golden Flame of Divine Wisdom. This spiraling action brings a blending of the Pink and Blue Flames with a core of Golden Fire, thus creating the Sacred Violet Flame. This creates a Divine alchemy whereby all discordant or inharmonious energies can and will be transmuted or transformed into positive Life Force substance. It contains all the gifts and blessings of our Father/Mother God and makes them available to you, their Solar sons and daughters or “Suns of Light,” which were born of their sacred union.

>> 第七道光和紫罗兰火焰的时代在进化过程中是一个关键点,神之意识的三重火焰会显著地加速它对地球和人类的直接影响。随着它加速,它通过第七道光旋转或螺旋向下,同时从地球上伟大的、永恒的紫罗兰火焰中向上。五道更高的银河射线精炼的频率模式随后就会从你(开悟的光之承载者)的心之中央向外流出,包裹世界,影响所有人的意识。这个神圣的宇宙火焰的灵丹妙药通过融入“父亲神圣意志的蓝色火焰以及女神神圣之爱的粉色火焰,连同神圣智慧的金色火焰”的合一被创造。这个螺旋的行为带来了粉色以及蓝色火焰(拥有金色火焰的核心)的融合,从而创造了神圣的紫罗兰火焰。这创造了一个神圣的炼金术,所有不和谐的能量就会被转化或转变成积极的生命力实质。它包含父母神所有的礼物和祝福,使得它们可供你使用,他们的太阳儿女或“光之太阳们”,诞生于他们神圣的联合

Beloveds, in the future it will be normal to live within the auric field of a master, a distinguished Being of Light, or on rare occasions, an Archangel. Some of the advanced Souls on the Path are already doing so. You, the aspirants on the Path, are building a bridge between the material world and the world of Spirit. The Light of the intellect and the Light of reason bring wisdom and understanding, for they supply the mental nature with the fuel that enables you to comprehend and master the world of form. Before you incarnated, you agreed to Light the path and to show the way for those following behind. You must be diligent in your search for the truth, and you must have an intense desire and willingness to serve if you are to join the ranks of the masters. You are now in the process of adjusting to higher frequencies of electromagnetic Light currents. The Soul Self encourages you to become consciously aware of the upgraded Universal Laws so that you may take full advantage of your God-given creative abilities.


Brave hearts, we enfold you within our auric field of protection, and we radiate to you the eternal love and gratitude of the Cosmic Council of Light and our Mother/Father God. We are with you always. I AM Archangel Michael.




传导:Ronna Vezane

翻译:Nick Chan




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