Our topic today, the story you tell yourself, is important to your progress.In fact, we would say extremely important.




We will remind you at the start that your mind, your feelings, your vibrational signature, is a magnet that draws your experiences to you. Now that alone could be the entire message, but we will expand upon it.




There are those who awaken every morning and realize it as a new beginning, a new opportunity. There are those who have decided, yes decided, to make the best and happiest of everything. Many of those would not be seen by most of you to have much to be thankful for. And yet they are thankful to be alive and happy with what they have.




There are also those who have more than enough to last them for many lifetimes and who are never satisfied, even miserable.




It also seems to be fashionable to some to tell the story of how they are unhappy with their lot and cannot wait to leave their lives and never return.




What story do you tell yourself about yourself?What sort of magnet are you empowering with that story? You say, “Yes, but my life is…”And we say to you, “Of course it is.”It is what you are creating.


关于自己你跟自己述说着什么样的故事?你授权了那个故事什么样的磁铁?你说,“是的,但我的生活是 ...” 我们对你说,“当然是这样。”它是你创造的


Now if you can look honestly at that, your next step will be to ask yourself why, knowing what you know about attraction, you would tell that story. Why create more when you are easily capable of creating different?




If your answer to that is that you are not capable, then you have created a false god of your circumstances. You have given away the power that your Creator has given to you. You have allowed your circumstance to control you. You react as helpless when you are anything but helpless.




This is very hard for you to read, we know. In fact, many are angered, and some have turned away. That cannot be helped. We speak what is true and what is needed.




Here is what is true. Your Source created you of Itself, and placed within you the free will to affect yourself and your world. Your Source lives, in fact, as and through you. You have come to what is considered to be a paradise world. Even though it has been assaulted for centuries, it is still exceptionally beautiful, a garden. You complain. And then you tell each other how you are progressing toward ascension.




Now, changing your story is a relatively simple task.You are, after all, the author of it. We ask you to re-write your assessment of your life and its purpose. Tell a different story. Tell the story, perhaps, of how you came to change things, and how you make each day better, even if just with your loving thoughts.




When you do this, if you do this, we guarantee that your lives will reflect the change. You will not be the only one for whom this does not work.




If you have read this far, we offer our blessing and our promise to attend to your efforts. So be it.





通灵:Ron Head

翻译:Nick Chan



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