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Today we wish to offer an idea that may help you with a bit more confidence in yourself and also with your understanding of the great changes we speak of, and that you have some trouble seeing.


今天我们希望提供一个可能会帮到你的想法 --- 伴随着对你自己更多的信任还有对我们所说的巨大改变的理解,你有点难以看到的改变


Many of you are still plagued with thoughts of your inability to change anything. You feel helpless in the face of the situations you observe around you. You read our messages concerning the power that you truly possess and your inner voice says, “Not me!”Our response is, “Yes, you!”But breaking through that block is very difficult for most of you. You have been taught long and well.




Now, we see that you have a mental picture of ‘the veil’as a gauzy barrier between what you can see and what you cannot.While that is true to some extent, we would like to offer you a slightly differing picture that may aid you in picturing the world’s actual state




The veil, you see, is not a material thing.It is not a sheet of something that hangs from heavenly shower hooks to impede your view. It is everywhere for most of you. And it impedes the accurate and truthful view of everything. Everything. Would that not be better described as a fog? Your vision has been fogged. Also, it would be much more accurately called your perception, since sight is not really the problem.




What might cause faulty perception? What sort of fog are we discussing? Why, of course it is false beliefs, untruths, and fears. We could write an entire book about that topic alone, but if we ‘cut to the chase’as you say, there is really one basic premise that has been fed to you that, if corrected, would instantly lift the fog.




If that fog were lifted, if that misconception were to be corrected, your ability to accept and ‘see’the great change afoot in your world would immediately expand.




What idea do you hold, most likely unconsciously, that you could consciously begin to change, that would do this?It is an idea that causes most, if not all, if your mistaken ideas about the universe, and also most, if not all, of your mistaken views of your world.




You think of yourselves as separate.That’s it. You think of yourselves as separate. You are alone. You are lost. You are not connected to anything, not each other, not your world, and not your God. You do not have enough. You cannot get enough. You are powerless. What can you do? You are tiny. Everything else is more powerful than you. Your problems are just too great.




All lies. All lies. All of you reach the limits of your views of the possible. Did you know that? Did you ever think of that? ALL of you reach your own self-imposed limits.




And as long as you keep trying to break through those limits, it will be very difficult for you. We would make it a bit easier if we could.




You see, when we use the pronoun you, you may usually interpret that as a reference to your collective selves. If you were to realize that, and practice thinking of yourselves in that way, much would change for you.Insignificant little you would become you in your millions –and growing. Practicing this daily would begin to lift the fog. The disease of separation would begin to heal.You might even begin to see beyond –beyond anything you can currently imagine. You would be able to entertain possibilities where impossibilities used to live.


你看,当我们使用代词“你”,你可能会诠释它为你们集体自我。如果你意识到了这一点,在这样的方式中去看待自己,很多东西会为你改变。微不足道的小小的你会变成万中无一的你 --- 并成长。每天都去这么练习会开始解除迷雾。分离的疾病会开始疗愈。你甚至会开始看得很远(有远见) --- 超越你当前可以想象的一切。你能够在“不可能”曾经居住的地方招待“可能”


Try it. You have nothing to lose and universes to gain.You are that which you seek.





通灵:Ron Head

翻译:Nick Chan






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