Some human beings hold the idea that you can lose parts of yourself that you can lose your innocencethat you can lose your ability to trustyour ability to love. In realityyou hold all things. You can neverever lose an aspect of yourself. People cannot take parts of you away from you. There is always a part of you that is full and complete. What has happened is you have made a decision to allow those traits to diminishto fall into dormancy.



How do you fix this? Firstbecome your own loving parent and create a beautiful and safe environment for yourself to shine in your entirety. Then bring those aspects of self back into the lightintegrate them back into your way of being. You are always wholeand wonderful and divine. You have simply allowed yourself to believe you have become dividedthat you are broken. You can call back all aspects of yourself that you have given up ondust them off and put them back into operation and start to experience the fullness of your being all over againwhenever you want. It is never too late to experience your wholenessyour completenessyour divinity. It is always waiting patiently for you to move back into. ~Archangel Gabriel




翻译:Nick Chan






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