My dear friends, we love you so very much,


Breathe. Be patient with yourselves and one another. You are in a state of re-birthing upon your planet earth and birth is not a process that can be easily rushed. It must come in its own time. The human race is going through intense contractions right now – one moment feeling very hopeful that things are progressing and that you can see the light at the tunnel, and in the next feeling stuck, frustrated, and stagnant.

呼吸。对自己和彼此要有耐心。你正在地球上处于一个重生的状态,诞生并不是一个可以仓促的过程。它必须得有自己的韵律。人类正在经历强烈的宫缩 --- 一个时刻感到充满希望,事情在取得进展,你可以看到隧道尽头的光,下一刻感到受困、沮丧和停滞不前

We celebrate the joyous anticipation so many of you feel. You are indeed moving into a kinder and more connected world, a world in which more people acknowledge the value of every human being, a world in which you crave touch, kindness, and where you have learned that you can indeed “hug” one’s soul even if not hugging a body. So many of you are focused upon this reality and even better. That is a blessing to your entire human race.


We also understand and are sending love to so very many of you who are feeling the very human frustrations that are arise from feeling stuck – stuck at home, stuck out of work, stuck with people you’d rather not be stuck with, stuck without a solution as to how you might manage your present conditions. The feelings of stagnation are as prevalent now as the feelings of peace, love, and kindness. Thus, the contractions.

我们也明白并把爱发送给感到沮丧的许多人,出于受困的感受 --- 困于家中,困于没工作,困于和你不喜欢待在一起的人待在一起,困于如何管理你当前的状况没有解决方案。停滞的感受和平和、爱、良善的感受一样普遍。因此,收缩

If you are in joyous anticipation of a more beautiful, higher dimensional world, stay in that space! You are creating it, not only for the world, but for yourselves as well.


If you are feeling irate, stagnant, or stuck, start by giving yourself a hug and speaking to the child within that feels helpless, afraid, or is just simply throwing a tantrum. Love this part of your soul that is irate or fearful. Talk to this inner self as if they are very real, for in truth their energy is affecting you, and not in a way that feels comfortable or happy. Remind this inner child that there is always growth, even if there is no movement. There are always solutions even if you can’t see them yet. There is always a Divine Presence and angels available to assist you if you sit, breath, receive, and believe. You are where you are for a reason. You are there to love some part of you that requires your attention now.


Rather than shifting blame, or running to addictive behaviors, whatever they might be – busy-ness, anger, sugar… sit with your unhappy feelings and be with them and love them as you would love an unhappy child. For in truth the child within you does want love, and has most likely for some time. Now is your opportunity to heal.

与其推卸责任,或奔向成瘾的行为,无论是什么 --- 忙碌、愤怒、糖 ... 与你不愉快的感受同坐,同在,爱它们,好像你爱一个不开心的孩子那样。因为事实上,你之内的孩子确实想要爱,可能已经有段时间了。现在是你的机会去疗愈

Dear ones, you may feel a combination of both sets of emotions – hopeful one moment, and impatient or discouraged the next. It is OK! Birth is not always an easy process. Birth involves a bit of struggle for most… but birth can also be the greatest teacher of surrender.

亲爱的,你可能感到两种情感的结合 --- 一个时刻充满希望,下一个时刻不耐烦或气馁。这没有关系!诞生并不总是一个轻松的过程。诞生对大多数人来说涉及一番挣扎 ... 但诞生也可以是最伟大的“臣服”教师

Surrender to your own feelings, and love yourself. Surrender to the world at large, because there are some things you cannot change by force. In surrendering to self and world however, you will find your heart, you will begin to change your inner world… and in so doing, you will imagine the “newborn” human race, and your “newborn” life into being.

臣服于你的感受,爱自己。臣服于整个世界,因为有着许多东西你无法迫使其改变。在臣服于自我和世界之中,你会发现你的心,你会开始改变你的内心世界 ... 如此,你会想象“新生”的人类和“新生”的生活成型

God Bless You! We love you so very much.— The Angels

上帝保佑你!我们非常地爱你 --- 天使



传导:Ann Albers

翻译:Nick Chan

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