I AM Adama.




I have not spoken through this one and to this group for some time.




But as always everything is being orchestrated and the times that I can be here and be with you are going to increase over the times coming. Because of necessity, because of those things that are beginning to occur not only from above, as you hear from our dear brother Ashtar, and Aramda, and others, but also from below, for those of my brothers and sisters who reside here yet to this day.


但一如既往,一切都被精心策划,我能在这里,和你在一起的时间会越来越多。因为必要性,因为正在发生的事情不仅来自上方,正如你听到我们亲爱的阿斯塔、 Aramda 和其他人所说,还来自下方,为那些迄今为止还驻留在这里的兄弟姐妹们


And we have awaited for long time now, just as you have, for the time that we all come together again as brothers, as sisters, as family. For we are all family. Just as you have declared your group, this Ancient Awakenings as a family, we are your extended family. We are a part of your soul group and groups.


我们已经等待了很长的时间,就像你一样,等待着我们作为兄弟姐妹,一家人重聚的时间。因为我们都是一家人。就像你宣称你的团队,这个 Ancient Awakenings (译注:这是这个团队的名称)是一个家庭,我们是你更大的家族。我们是你灵魂团队的一部分


And those of you that have come here to be a part of this expression, this evolution of man, this great leap of consciousness that is about to occur, we are here to assist that entire process, to be a part of this great orchestration, to be a part of this great plan for the Earth. Not only for the surface of Earth but for those of us below the Earth as well because as you evolve we evolve. All is one. We are all moving together in this.




And as we are of service to you, you are of service to us. That is how it continues to work. All you need to do is to continue to have faith, continue to have trust — not in us but in yourselves; in yourselves to continue to move forward, to move on with everything that you know within you. To continue to find that expression within yourself that is the remembrance, remembrance of old souls coming together once again just as we are coming together again.


当我们服务你,你也在服务我们。它会如此继续下去。你所需要去做的就是继续拥有信念,继续拥有信任 --- 不是对我们而是对你自己。相信自己去继续前进,伴随着你内在知晓的一切继续前进。继续去发现内在的那个表达就是记忆,老灵魂的记忆在再次汇聚,就像我们在再次重聚


For as many of you, most of you, were in Lemuria in those times, those grand times, that Golden Age. As you were there I was there with you as well.




And I as I look to all of you now, I remember many of you just as when you are able to finally see me as I physically would be in front of you, many of you will remember me as well for we have journey together. We have journeyed together from a faraway system and journeyed to this planet thousands and thousands and thousands of years ago. Many eons of time has passed. And we came here and we developed the civilization on the continent of Mu and we grew, together, as one.


当我看向你们,我记得你们许多人,就像你会最终看到我物理上地出现在你面前,你们许多人会忆起我,因为我们曾经在一起过。我们从遥远的系统旅行到这个星球,成千上万年之前。过去恒久了。我们在这里发展了 Mu 大陆上的文明,一起,作为一,成长


And together as one we exited that continent. We left either by moving to another area — many to the Mount Shasta area — or by exiting the body and moving on into a new energy knowing that we would all be coming together again.


我们一起作为一退出那个大陆。我们要么前往另一个地区 --- 许多人前往沙士达山地区 --- 要么退出身体,进入新的能量,知晓我们会再次重聚


And this is what it is all about. This is what we are all here doing now. We are coming together again as one. Not only I, as Adama, with all of you, but Sananda and Sanat Kumara and St. Germain and One Who Serves and so one and so on, Ashtar, all are coming back together again to join together as one, as one family. And as one voice we echo out those energies that we had so long ago that vibration that we all shared. And we are coming back now together as a family within this vibration this vibration now that is once again reaching the crescendo that it once did.


这就是现在正在发生的。这就是我们正在做的。我们再次作为一团聚。不仅是我,阿达玛,和你们所有人,还有萨南达,库玛拉以及圣哲曼还有 One Who Serves 等等,阿斯塔,都在作为同一个家庭重聚。作为同一个声音,我们回响我们很久前就持有的那些能量,我们所分享的振动。在这个振动中我们作为一家人重聚,这个振动再次到达曾经的高度


We are now ready to move into that vibrational crescendo and all of you are a part of this.




I leave you now. All of my peace and love be with all of you as I long to once again be there in front of you just as many of you long to be there in front of all of us.




Peace and love be with you.




阿达玛 20180429 我们会作为一家人重聚

通灵:James McConnell

翻译:Nick Chan


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