Now is the time for the Earth Angel reserves to step forward. Yes you! We are talking to you!




Those of you who have been holding back and standing down, hiding in the shadows are now called to come on-line. You have nothing to fear as you rotate into position and step into your calling. You cannot avoid your destiny without paying the price. The world awaits your response. Stand by no longer.




The Earth Angels we are speaking of, are you who know you have gifts, but have been afraid to show them, and stood in fear of sharing them. Yes, you who are hiding in the background, come forward now. You are ready. Your purpose calls. To deny your purpose any longer threatens to disappoint your soul and let down the ones who are depending on your answer to the call to come forward and awaken.




Thaw out now. All of the learning, training and growth you have been involved with has been developing you for your next role. Your time is now. You are being called to a higher path. You are being asked now to up level, and the doorway is open. Step forward in faith. God and the angels await you.




We lend to you our support, protection and help. We ask you to courageously answer the call. Put down the small you and take up your assignment, your calling, your ministry.




We go before you always, clearing the path forward. We support you from behind the scenes. The way has been paved. You are ready. Come. The world is finally ready for you. Step into the higher work now.




天使 20180430 你的下一个角色

通灵:Elise Cantrell

翻译:Nick Chan



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