大角星人母舰指导: 问答时间(1) 连接三维与多维度实相

Transmission From Mothership-Q&A with Arcturians 4-2-13

Transmissions from the Mothership

Connecting Realities 1

  Q and A with the Arcturian

 Channel: Suzanne Lie, phd. 20130204

中文翻译: 林琚月 20130205





This time when Mytria and I entered our “Holoschool,” we saw the Arcturian again in front of the "Transmissions to Earth Screen," which appears more like a membrane. The Screen revealed a group of Earthlings who we instantly recognized by their energy fields as Pleiadian and Arcturian in nature. However, they were all wearing their human earth vessels. We could see their third dimensional bodies sitting in a circle, as well as their higher fourth dimensional bodies with whom the Arcturian would be communicating.

这一次当 Mytria 和我走入我们的 全息学校 , 我们看到 大角星人 又再度站在 地球传输银幕 之前 --- 那银幕看起来像一张薄膜 . 银幕中显示出了一群地球人 --- 我们从他们的能量场马上认出他们是昴宿星人和其实是 大角星人 的本质 . 但是他们都穿着他们地球的身体 . 我们可以看到他们第三维度的身体坐在一个圆圈中 --- 他们第四维度的身体也是 ---‘ 大角星人 就是透过他们第四维度的身体在与他们沟通 .


It appeared that the Arcturian had already introduced Itself, and one of the fourth dimensional bodies was standing and about to ask a question. Mytria and I quietly stood behind the Arcturian knowing full well that It was teaching through example how to answer some of the many questions that we would be asked. Thus, we said nothing and observed as the question and answer session began.

显然的 ,‘ 大角星人 已经自我介绍过了 , 而其中一个第四维度的身体正站在那里打算问问题 .Mytria 和我站到 大角星人 身后 --- 知道祂是要对我们做临场实地教学 --- 教我们在未来如何去回答这些问题当我们被问到的时候 .--- 因此 , 我们没有说话 , 只是观察着问题与答案的交锋开始 .


The standing ascending one was actually the Earth expression of one of our friends with whom we had laughed just last night. Or, perhaps that was a lifetime ago? We felt such joy that our friend’s grounded expression was able to communicate directly with an Arcturian.

站着的那位 扬升中人 事实上是我们的一位朋友 --- 昨晚才刚与他一起欢笑在一起 . 还是 , 或许 --- 那已是一个人生之前的事情 ? 我们为我们朋友的 地球转世分身 能够与 大角星人 直接沟通而为他感到非常高兴 .


“Dear Arcturians,” asked our friend in a human disguise, “We have some questions to ask you. However, first we want to thank you for all the assistance you have given us. We do not know how we would have tolerated third dimensional reality without your guidance.


亲爱的 大角星人 ’“ 我们朋友的人身问 :“ 我们有一些问题想请问 . 但是首先 , 我们想先感谢一下您们给我们的所有协助 . 我们不知道我们如何能忍受这第三维度的实相而没有您们的帮助 .“


“Dear Ascending ONE,” spoke the Arcturian,” We want you all to know that we, your Galactic Family, are YOU. Hence, there is no question of whether or not we would be of assistance. When you merged your great Essence with this expression of your Self, we promised that we would help you.

亲爱的 扬升中的一们 ’”,‘ 大角星人 :” 我们要你们全部人知道 --- 我们 --- 你们的银河家人们 --- 就是你们 . 所以不存在 我们是否会帮忙的问题 ’!--- 当你们选择转世到地球身体上去时 --- 我们就承诺了我们会帮助你们的事情 .

 We assured you that we would call you as soon as your consciousness was expanded enough for you to hear us. Your answer to our call set your life into a completely different direction. In actuality, your answer to us, your Higher Expression, set you into a new Path of Realty.

我们跟你保证 --- 只要你们的觉知扩大到听得到我们的程度 --- 我们就会与你 直接 联系 . 事实上 , 你们对我们的回应 --- 你们的高我 ,--- 把你们带到了这新的现实的路径上 .


There are many Paths of Realty, and the smoothest Path is the one forged by your Higher Expressions of SELF. In this manner, you, the grounded ascending ones, can always have access to the Higher Perspective of your journey. Within this Higher Perspective is a direct line of communication between the YOU who has volunteered to enter Earth during this Timeline of Planetary Ascension and the you who is a Higher Expression of your SELF. With meditation and practice, the link between you and your Higher Expressions of SELF will become a constant source of support and guidance.

新现实有许多路径 --- 而最顺当的一条是你们的高我所锻造的 . 用这种方法 --- 你们 --- 你们这些 被困住的扬升中的一们 才能够总是得到你们旅途上的比较高明的见解 . 在这个 比较高明的理解力 中就是在地球扬升的时间线中 ---‘ 自愿选择转世到地球来的你 ’--- 你的高我 之间的 直接沟通 能力 .--- 透过冥想打坐与练习 ,--- 你与 你的高我 之间的 直接沟通 会变成一个持续的支持与指导的来源 .


Dear Ascending Ones, would you like to ask your first question?

亲爱的 扬升中的一们 ’”,‘ 大角星人 :” 你们要问你们的第一个问题了吗 ?”


Another person stood, who was an old friend from our Homeworld. We so wanted to say hello to her, but her human expression could only see a very, vague image of the Arcturian.

另一个人站了起来 --- 他是我们家乡的老朋友 . 我们也想跟她打招呼 --- 可是她的人身只看得到非常模糊的 大角星人 ’.


“Dear Arcturian, I am so happy to speak with you. I have been chosen to speak for all of us. We have several questions that we would like to ask. For starters, we would like to know why we have been feeling so very tired. We know that this fatigue must be another symptom of transmutation, but more information would be greatly helpful.”

亲爱的 大角星人 ’, 能够跟您说话我很开心 . 我被选择来代表大家说话 . 有几个问题我们想请教 .--- 首先 , 我们想知道为何我们一直感觉到如此疲惫 ? 我们理解这疲倦应该是另一个 身体变异 的症状 --- 但如果您能解释得更多一些将非常感激 .”


The Arcturian warmly replied, “We are equally pleased to speak directly with one of our ascending family members. We understand the difficulty of limiting your immense Being into a small earth vessel. Your fatigue is largely because your consciousness operates at a much faster rate than your physical earth vessel.

大角星人 很热情的说 :“ 我们也是一样的高兴能够直接与我们扬升中的家人们说话 . 我们明白把无限的你限制入一个小的地球载具的困难度 . 你们的疲倦主要是因为你们的觉知现在以一个很高的速度在运转 --- 远超过你们的地球物质身体 .


“Often your earth vessel appears to be completely still while your consciousness is processing realities that are invisible to the senses of your 3D Vessel. This condition is much like keeping your car in neutral while you press down the accelerator. The car is ready to go, but you are not in a gear for movement.

“通常 , 当你地球的载体看起来好像完全静止时 --- 其实你的‘觉知’正在处理一些“实相” --- 而那对你的 3D 身体感官是看不到的 ( 感觉不到的 ). 这就像你把你的车子的车档调到“中立 ( 暂停 ) 檔” --- 可是另一面 --- 你又在踩加油门 .( : 车子当然在耗油当中可是又动不了 .)


“Your earth vessel is much like an automobile. This auto has a 3D body and operating system that is in the process of adding a new computer program. However, your 3D vessel is unable to read this new Operating System. Largely computers run the newer cars, but you cannot ‘trade in’ your current vehicle.

你的地球身体就像一辆车子 . 这车有一个 3D 身体 , 但你的运转系统正在被添加入一个新的计算机程序当中 . 但无论如何 , 3D 身体是无法去 阅读 \ 理解 这新的运转系统的 . 通常 新计算机 是跑在较新的车子里的 , 但你无法用 旧换新 法去换得新车体 .


“Hence, you must find a way to convert your old car into a format in which it can respond to the directions of your new computer system. This transition of operating systems causes great fatigue for your 3D earth vessel. The fact is that there are inherent limitations in your physical form that will never be able to read all the information that is now available to your consciousness.

所以你必须找到一个方法来改变你的老车身成为一种可以接受新计算机系统指示的车体设计形式 .--- 而这个改变的过程会造成你 3D 身体很大的疲倦 . 事实上 , 在你目前的地球载体中 --- 有个先天的限制 --- 让你永远无法阅读 \ 吸收到所有要给你的觉知的讯息 .


 “Therefore, your brain is working overtime attempting to make sense of information that is entering your consciousness via your the new Operating System. However, due to the inherent flaws of your earth vessel, this system cannot be totally connected to the body you are wearing. For this reason, it is best to allow your grounded self to relax into the guidance of your Higher Expression of SELF. Then your Higher Expression can ‘tow’ your earth vessel. All you need to do is to put your vessel/car in neutral and make sure the brake is off.

因此 , 你的脑一直在超时的努力着去跟上新的计算机系统的指示 --- 想理解它进入你觉知中的讯息 --- 可是 , 由于你 3D 身体先天的限制问题 --- 这系统无法完全与你穿的身体连上线 . 基于这个原因 --- 最好的方式是允许你的被困住的自我放松入 高我 的指示当中 . 然后 , 你的 高我 可以 拉着 你的地球载具往前走 . 你唯一需要做的 --- 就是把你的地球载具 \ 车身摆到 中间 \ 暂停档 --- 并确定你没有踩住煞车 !


“Fear is your braking system. If you try to surrender into the guidance of your SELF, but your ego puts the brakes on with its fear, the resistance will create great fatigue. However, we are NOT saying that all your fatigue is due to this dynamic. There are many of our ascending ones who have gained great mastery of their fear, but their earth vessel is simply not equipped to move as fast as their minds.

“’ 恐惧 就是你在踩煞车 . 如果你试着想投降到你 高我 的指示中 , 可是你 小我的自尊心 却用恐惧在踩煞车 , 这个抗拒会让你产生很大的疲倦 . 但我们不是说你所有的疲倦都是由于这个原因 .


“The consciousness of these ascending ones is hungrily accepting the higher cosmic light and speeding into higher and higher frequencies of reality. However, they are still anchored to the physical realm. Hence their mind, which has accepted the guidance of their higher consciousness, is ‘pulling on a boat that is still attached to the dock.’

扬升中的一们的觉知总是饥饿的接受着 更高的宇宙光 而且加速进入越来越高的频率之中 . 但是 , 他们仍然是被物质实相所锚住 . 因此 , 他们的心智 --- 已经接受了他们更高觉知的指示 ( 在前进 )--- 可是就像拉扯着一艘仍然锚在码头上的船一样 ( 的累 \ 无能为力 ).


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