Beloved Ones of the Light,




We, the Angelic kingdom have been hard at work attending to the needs of the Earth and all of humanity, for Father/Mother God has decreed that all be assisted to rise to the highest levels possible and our work entails assisting in this endeavor. There are legions of us surrounding the Earth and each being upon the Earth has many of us in attendance at this time. The time is at hand for many wondrous events to come into play, celestial and cosmic, that will bring much change upon and within your planet, the hearts of humanity and all the kingdoms of the Earth.


我们,天使王国一直在努力照料地球和所有人类的需求,因为父神 / 母神已经发令,一切都会被协助去提升到尽可能高的层面,我们的工作就是协助这一努力。我们非常多的人围绕着地球,地球上的每个存在有着我们许多人在照看。许多奇妙的事件(复数)就要上演,天文的、宇宙的,这会带给地球内外、人类的心和所有地球王国大量的改变


We work in unison with those of you who have awareness of that which is taking place and about to take place. All is coordinated and in readiness for all that can transpire. We are so very joyful and grateful for this precious opportunity to serve all. We see you as individuated streams of Light and know everything about you at all times. This enables us to rally to your assistance instantaneously as and when required. Most of you have been experiencing the tremendous downpouring of energies and have been trying to assimilate and integrate these new and powerful energies and we help in this task by ensuring that you get only the amount that you can withstand each day.




Many of you are embracing these new energies with safety, grace and ease but the majority of you have been clearing much from your present lifetimes and previous ones as well. It will become easier, Beloved Ones, have faith and trust in the process. If you have feelings that are intense, feel them and experience them fully and then release and let them go. This is the greatest focus at this time, to release all that no longer serves you in a nurturing place of complete protection.




Continue to walk upon your path of Light and hold it steady. Upon you has rested the turning point for your world and humanity and we say to you that it has not been in vain. Each moment lived from this point on is lived in Oneness and newness, for we are in uncharted territory and all is possible at this time. We also counsel you and are encouraging each to act as the emissaries and co-creators at this time so that you are aware and know that you are the hands of Father/Mother God as this life force continually refines, expresses and adjusts through you. Father/Mother God sees through your eyes and feels through your heart and this is how the Light quotient of humanity is gauged to be in readiness for the next step.


继续行走你的光之道路并保持稳定。即将来临的是对地球和人类来说的转折点,我们对你说这一切并没有白费。从这个点起的每一个时刻都会是在合一与新颖中,因为我们正处于未知领域,现在一切皆有可能。我们还建议你去鼓励彼此作为大使和共同创造者行为,这样你会意识到和知道你就是父神 / 母神的双手,随着这个生命力通过你不断精炼、表达和调整。父神 / 母神通过你的眼睛看,通过你的心感受,这就是人类的光熵被衡量的方式来为下一步做准备


You are adored, loved, encouraged and inspired, each and every day of your daily life. Never doubt that we are near you, for this then creates a blockage in our Oneness and our guidance. Feel our breath upon your cheek, our touch upon your head, we are with you always. You have but to ask and it is done. We shower you with blessings of Lightness and love, we lift you up when you need it and help you to spread your wings and fly, we make you laugh out loud and uplift your spirits, we do whatever it takes to move your energy to the higher levels. It is our greatest pleasure to serve you in these most exciting times.




I AM Angel Ansalla.


我是天使 Ansalla



通灵:Marlene Swetlishoff

翻译:Nick Chan



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