Dear Ones,




As of today, what was is no more.




Perhaps you fret about issues that do not seem to have solutions – COVID-19, politics, finances, isms, etc. Today is the shift point.


也许你担忧看似没有解决方案的问题 --- 病毒、 治、财务等等。今天是转变点


Even though you have likely felt some of the shifts now creating your new earth, you were fearful that the destruction you experienced just by being of the earth would never end. That the worry and chaos would last forever despite messages from the Universes to the contrary.




Such is to be expected given that your experience in this and past earth lives have trained you to expect the worst – even in the best of times. And this destruction phase has not been the best of times. In truth, fear and anger reigned. Brother against brother. Mother against her child. With few displays of love or joy.


这是意料之中的,鉴于在此生和过去生世中 你被训练去期待最糟糕的东西 --- 即使在最好的时期。而这个破坏性的阶段并不是最好的时期。事实上,是恐惧和愤怒统治的时期。兄弟相残。母子相残。很少的人展示爱或喜悦


So it is you are pleasantly surprised to sense or note new earth indicators here and there. Perhaps it is a golden sunset—a kind word from a co-worker. Or maybe a reward you have long hoped for but thought impossible. You are beginning to sense a world of crystal glasses half full instead of half empty.


所以你惊喜地在这里和那里 感知到或注意到新地球指标。也许是一个金色的日落 --- 来自同事的一句友好的话语。或者你渴望很久但认为不可能的一个回报。你在开始感知到一个半满杯子而不是半空杯子的世界


Your hope is that this state of bliss – compared to your seemingly ongoing 3D despair – is not a fluke, but instead a never-ending life of joy for you and all who wish to experience it.


你希望这个幸福状态 --- 相比看似不间断的 3D 绝望 --- 不是一个偶然,而是一个永无止境的喜悦生活,对你和所有希望体验它的人而言


Such is your new reality. Those small perks of joy and bliss will expand. For you have crossed yet another Rubicon. Your past Rubicon crossings have been more inner-directed. It is time to expand that knowingness, that joy to the outer world. And so you have just by being you.




Of course, you will note destruction for a bit for in a rebuild, the final product appears unfinished until the interior walls are complete and the yard is more than a muddy trail. So it is that the earth’s destruction is complete, and the rebuild is just beginning to display possibilities.




Such will not necessarily be observable tomorrow, for many continue to mourn the destruction phase. But you will know within your being that all is in an upward direction for globally the bottom-most of fear has been completed.




Many will ask how that last statement can be true with COVID-19 raging, isms blatantly displayed, and political tap dances evident daily. Ah, that is the wonder and joy of your new inner-world. You will just know such is so despite indications to the contrary.




In your new world, new thoughts, and rebuilds do not require decades but instead mere moments of insight.




Your power, and for those following, is instant creation.




So it is that this day is about you finally accepting your ability. Much as Dorothy in The Wizard of OZ merely needed to click her heels together to return home. The Wizard of OZ, as is true for other fairy tales, was an indicator of your creation potentials once you dared believe in yourself. Now you do.




Perhaps you believe you are powerful but wonder about the creation skills of others. Such is the fear you are letting go of today. Finally, allowing yourself to know what you are capable of and trusting that others will discover or uncover the same.


也许你相信你是强大的但好奇别人的创造能力。这是你在今天放下的恐惧。终于,你让自己知晓自己的能耐 并相信别人也会发现同样的东西


You are a powerful creator being of the Universes. Now it is time for you to realize that you are not alone. That you are no longer living in a world of fear. Rise up. Knowing that others will follow. Not in fear, but in the joy that it is time to create a new world of peace and love. And so you shall.


你是一个强大的创造者存在。现在是时候让你去意识到你不孤单。你不再生活于一个恐惧的世界。站起来。知晓他人会跟随。不是在恐惧中,而是在喜悦中 --- 是时候创造一个和平与爱的新世界。所以你会


Step one in creating that world is remembering your power to create. Step two is acknowledging the same in others.


创造那个世界的第一步 就是忆起你的创造力量。第二步就是认识到他人也有这个力量


Allow yourself to click your heels together to create what you want. Knowing deep within you that you are not alone on the earth or in the Universes. That it is time for you to fully display what you entered earth in this lifetime to create. And to do so without concerns that you are odd or alone. For others soon will or have crossed the very some Rubicon to creating an earth of peace and joy.




Allow yourself to be fully you without concerns about punishment or isolation. You are now you in your full glory. The earth structures have been destroyed. You are not alone as you have been in other earth lives. Nor will you add to the destruction or pain.




Today is the day that the earth rebuild begins. A day you have waited for eons – as have all of those of the earth. Let the joy of design and rebuild begin. So be it. Amen


今天是地球重建开始的日子。一个你等待了恒久的日子 --- 就像地球上的所有人。让设计和重建的喜悦开始。就是如此。


传导:Brenda Hoffman

翻译:Nick Chan



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