Dear Oneshealing is a process that occurs naturally.You will be made aware of anything that needs to be addressed.




Think of your car.If you had a flat tireyou would recognize there was an issueattend to itand move on.You would notfor the rest of timekeep your car on a hoistchecking and rechecking the tires to make sure they were goodwould you?




So many humansin their desire to be diligentget stuck in the healing looplooking over and over for signs of trouble.The act of healing is meant to be matter of fact.OhI see there is something coming up.How wonderful that my vehicle lets me know what it needs! I will tend to this and get back to my journeysecure in the fact that if there is anything else I need to be aware ofI will know."Do you see how such an attitude would keep you in the flow of wellnessand moving at a pace that is perfect for you?




You do not keep picking off a scab to see if healing is occurring underneath.Trust in the system.Know your bodyyour lightbodyyour soul knows everything you need and will deliver it to you with 100% accuracywith an entire universe assisting you in that process.~Archangel Gabriel








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