Briefings began. Alliance warns of infiltration from master 'Social-Engineers'/Hackers to disrupt/discredit the Q Anon movement. How will the Qommunity handle this challenge? Keep your head on a swivel!


简报开始。联盟警告说, " 社会工程师 "/ 客大师将进行渗透,以破坏 / 诋毁 Q Anon 运动。 Q 社区将如何应对这一挑战?保持清醒的头脑 !


The same tactics worked on the Ufology Community. They were able to foment civil war within it even after being warned over a year beforehand. I hope the Qommunity is able to see through it before it is 2 late. My lawsuits will expose the infiltration in Ufology soon enough...


同样的策略在 Ufology 社区上也起了作用。他们在事先被警告了一年多的情况下,还能在社区内挑起内战。我希望 Qommunity 能够看穿,否则就晚了!我的官司很快就会揭开 Ufology 的渗透 ...


Alliance expects indictments of DS figures beginning this month!Briefings focused on possible domestic terrorism&civil unrest from known domestic terrorist grps&R reporting of weapons cache's(Mostly stolen/looted weapons).CI ops against the Alliance Etc...More 2 come.


聯盟預計本月開始對 DS 人物進行起訴!簡報的重點是可能的國內恐怖主義和內亂,從已知的國內恐怖主義基本情況和武器儲藏處的報告 ( 大部分是被盜 / 被搶的武器 ) 。聯盟針對他們的 CI 行動等等 ... 更多的。


資料來源: https://www.pfcchina.org/intel/41445.html


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