greetings great beings,




many global changes are occurring behind the scenes this 4th of july as light forces work to liberate this planet!


在这个 7 4 日,许多全球改变正在幕后发生,随着光明力量致力于解放地球


planet earth is completely engulfed in 5d energy now and all you must do is simply align with it to reach the 5d ascension level!


地球已经完全沉浸在 5D 的能量中,你所必需做的就是与它对齐到达 5D 扬升水平


how do you fully align with 5d to be able to perceive it physically?


你如何完全与 5D 对齐来身体上地感知到它?


answer: simply start being the 5d being that you already are!


回答: 开始成为你已经所是的 5D 存在


the kingdom of heaven does not come with outward appearances but is peace, love, joy abundance, freedom, and health!




allow your being to be only permeated with these high-vibrational energies and then you shall see heaven with your eyes!




it's time for the starseed collective to take back ownership of this planet from all controlling dark forces that enslaved this realm eons ago in commercial bondage!




it's up to us this day to re-claim our sovereignty on a personal and collective level!




remember dear one, no one has a right to control another being in any way but it's up to you to not allow this!




it's as simple as saying 'no' to anything that does not resonate with you and to start living the way you want to live and doing the things you want to do!




stay tuned as we prepare our grand 4th of july freedom message for broadcast later this evening!


保持关注,随着我们准备宏大的 7 4 日自由信息,会在今晚稍后广播


a super-galactic weekend is about to kick off and we have major news form the earth alliance to report!


一个超级 - 银河周末就要开始,我们有着来自地球联盟的重大信息要来报告


great love and god-speed!





翻译:Nick Chan



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