great one,




can you feel the powerful solar energies coming in right now?




if everything seems a bit chaotic at the moment it’s due to powerful a electromagnetic wave that is hitting the planet as we speak!




space weather agencies recorded an incredible solar wind impact, 6 hours ago that slammed into the earth at close to 800km/s or nearly 1.5 million miles per hour!


空间气象机构记录下了一个令人难以置信的太阳风冲击, 6 个小时前在接近 800km/s 或每小时 150 万英里的速度中冲击地球


the earth alliance and earth space weather agencies are monitoring heightened activity around the sun as light forces continue modifying the frequency of the sun’s corona to bounce enough divine light here to fully wake up humanity!




intense pressure is being applied to the earth’s magnetic field over the last 48 hours as you can see in red on the current geospace magnetosphere –cut planes, pressure graph on our space weather tools page, here:


在过去的 48 小时,巨大的压力被施加在地球的磁场之上,正如你可以在下方的图片上看到的红色部分



starseeds around the globe are reeling from the effects of this massive solar wave hitting the earth!




these strong incoming solar winds contain central sun akashic light data which is composed of nano-sized, magnetic, ionized particles that strip right through the human-body genome, clearing out all low-vibrational energies, recoding dna to a higher order!


这些强烈的正在进入的太阳风包含中央太阳的阿卡西光之数据 --- 由纳米级别磁性的电离粒子组成 --- 穿透人类身体的基因组,清理所有较低振动的能量,重新编码 DNA 到更高的秩序


planetary space weather forecasts show this inbound, moderate plasma wave will continue impacting the planet over the next 48 hours!


行星空间气象预报显示,这个正在进入的、温和的等离子波浪会在接下来的 48 小时继续影响地球


this cosmic light is changing everything it touches and is upgrading the earth realm to a much higher and more advanced dimensional state!




starseeds all around the globe have been reporting moderate to strong ascension symptoms over the last 12 earth hours!


在过去的 12 个小时,世界各地的星际种子报告了中等→强烈的扬升症状


here are some reported ascension symptoms from this latest light influx:




* dull headache, pains in the crown chakra


* 轻微的头痛,顶轮的疼痛


* irritated mood


* 被激怒的情绪


* elevated blood pressure


* 高血压


* accelerated dehydration


* 加速脱水


* third eye pressure/sinus aches


* 第三眼的压力 / 鼻窦疼痛


* feeling spaced out and disoriented


* 感到飘飘然和迷失方向


* tiredness


* 疲惫


* feeling overwhelmed


* 感到不知所措


* heightened family emotions


* 增强的家庭情感


* difficulty focusing or concentrating


* 难以专注或集中注意力


* sleep difficulty


* 失眠


* vivid dreams


* 生动的梦境


these ascension symptoms are result of the natural dna activation process that is occurring in this cosmos!


这些扬升症状是自然的 DNA 激活过程(正在这个宇宙中发生)导致的结果


there is no cause for serious concern, as long as you:






* 保持水分充足


*practice gentle self care


* 实践温柔的自我关怀


*avoid stress as much as possible


* 尽可能多地避免压力


*get some rest/sleep


* 多休息 / 睡眠


* and just take it slow and easy until these light codes integrate into the body.


* 慢慢来,不要急,直到这些光之代码整合到你的身体中


you will feel super awesome, be more advanced and much stronger when this is done so hang in there!




other major earth alliance headlines:




multiple 5d portals have opened, in the skies of earth over the last two days!


在过去的两天,多重 5D 门户已经开启,在地球的天空中


armadas of well defined light ships have been detected moving through earth’s lower atmosphere over the last week!




global currency is tanking hard!forecasters say this is the beginning of the end for the fiat debt-dollar! the super-rich of this world are waking up and have been selling corporate stocks like wild, investing in precious metals and are stashing tons of cash (“just in case it all goes to hell”, they say!)


全球货币正在灌水( tanking hard )!预报称这是债务美元结束的开始。这个世界的超级富豪在醒来,疯狂地抛售公司股票,用来投资贵金属,储存大量的现金(以防一切都变成“地狱”,他们说道)


3d global chaos and and earth changes abound as two dimensions continue clashing!


有着非常多的 3D 全球混乱和地球改变,随着两个维度继续碰撞


let us know what you are experiencing from this latest solar-photon light blast, in the comments below!




a major shift is occuring on earth great ones and we are all here to experience and participate in it together!




standby for a super dna upgrades and massive world change over the coming days!


为接下来的日子里一个超级 DNA 升级和巨大的世界改变做好准备


it’s amazing how much light you have taken in over the las few months!




look at how much you have changed!




be very proud for your achievements, great one!




your mission on earth is a grand success and the earth is being transformed into a new world thanks to you!




your job as a light warrior is to take in as much akashic light into your body-vessel as you can, hold this light in the body-cells, then anchor it to the new earth crystalline grid!




stay strong, do your inner work and keep building up your inner light!




spend your days now in your great service to humanity!




you are the light of the world and the bringer of a new day to earth!




god-speed great beings of light,





翻译:Nick Chan




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