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My dear friends, we love you so very much,




Take a moment right now. Imagine for a moment that you have a shell around your body. Imagine this shell is made of any beliefs or circumstances that have convinced you that you are unloved or unworthy of love.




Imagine it is made of all the harsh and unkind words youve heard, all the self-criticisms youve ever spoken, all the protection youve put up around your heart. Imagine that any time you told yourself you couldnt have what you wanted, that your dreams probably were never going to come true, that life was just hard the shell grew thicker. The shell was formed because you thougth it would protect you from pain. In reality it prevents you from receiving all the blessings that the Divine wants to pour into your life. This is a shell of hardened illusions.


想象它是由所有严厉且不友善的话语构成的,所有你所说过的自我评判,所有你放置于心的保护构成的。想象每次当你告诉自己,你无法得到你想要的,你的梦想永不会实现,生活是艰苦的 ... 保护壳变得更厚。保护壳的形成是因为你认为它会阻挡痛苦。而事实上它阻挡的是接收神圣想要倾泻于你的祝福。这是一个坚硬幻象的保护壳


You dont have to know the specific beliefs this shell is made of. You dont have to worry about who programmed you or why you created this shell. Just imagine that it is there. Imagine that is has been there a very long time. For some of you it might be hardened and thick, for others very thin. Nonetheless, each of you has things that prevent you from feeling the truth of Divine Love.




Now imagine a spark of light in the center of your chest. Feel the light spiraling outward and expanding to fill your body with light. As the light touches this shell, from the inside out, it begins to dissolve or melt it. Imagine the shell dropping around you, dissolving, melting, sinking into the earth.




Feel the freedom that comes from allowing the light to expand within your awareness. Keep imagining that it expands from the inside out, naturally, easily. You dont have to force it. Just allow it. It wants to expand.




Without your shell you are protected by the light from within. Your shell was actually magnetic to all it believed, all it feared! Now you are magnetic to light.




Do this often. Rather than having to analyze your pains and problems, you can simply dissolve them with light. You can allow truth, love, peace, wholeness, and joy to rise up from the inside out.




Practice often and you will be able to allow light to expand into your awareness even when you are challenged, in tough situations, or around difficult individuals.




Your light is your truth. It can easily rise up into your experience at any time. All you have to do is be willing to allow it to do what it naturally wants to do to bring Divine Love into your awareness, your body, mind, heart, soul, and life.


你的光是你的真理。它可以时刻轻易地上升到你的体验中。你所需要做的就是愿意让它做它自然会做的 --- 把神圣之爱带入你的意识,身体,头脑,心,灵魂和生活


God Bless You! We love you so very much. The Angels


上帝保佑你!我们非常地爱你。 --- 天使


原文: http://sananda.website/the-angels-via-ann-albers-august-5th-2017/

通灵: Ann Albers

翻译:Nick Chan


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