Importance of a spiritual practice




Create a daily spiritual practice for yourself that fits well into your life.It needn't be long or involvedit just needs to be done.Set aside time each day alonemeditating upon what you would like to knowcreate or experience.Visualize itand it will come about.Negativity will block your progressso avoid negative situations and people as much as possible to help transform your thoughts.Any thought that is less than supportive and love should be transformed into a positive one as soon as you become aware of it.




Also spend some time each day doing an activity of playing and having funif possible go outside.Take a walkplay in the gardenplay on a swing.Playing creates joy and joy creates miracles and miracles help you to manifest on a whole new level.Take time always to include something that makes your heart sing as a part of your spiritual practice.Finding this balance in your life will help you in so many ways.




The Mantra for today is"Taking the time to set my energy and my intention is a part of my daily spiritual practice makes life better in so many ways.I am Happy! I am relaxed!"




And so it is



You are dearly loved and supportedalwaysthe angels and guides




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